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Writer’s Market 2011 – Online May Be Best

We used to have to wait until September or October for the new Writer’s Market. Now it’s available in late summer.

I used to recommend that every writer who is even remotely serious about the business of freelance writing buy each year’s edition and I suggest they bite the bullet and buy the deluxe edition because it includes an online subscription to Writer’s Market Online. Now I suggest both for only the new writer

Here’s why I believe new writers need both:

You can take the book itself to the park, the beach or even the bath tub and troll for ideas. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been looking for a publisher of one sort or another for a book or an article idea and had a new, good idea triggered. The only trick is capturing those ideas which often show up scribbled in the margins somewhere.

With the book, away from the computer, you can read about queries, how other authors got started and a wealth of other information.

Unfortunately, with this edition they’ve stopped indexing the book publishers by subject – you have to go online for that.

The online subscription, which has really gotten good, allows searching in a variety of ways and has many of the same articles as the print edition. But the real value comes in its regular updates. So maybe everyone ought to sign up for that instead. It too is $39.99 for the year.

Buy 2011 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition (Writer’s Market Online) now!


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  • Howdy all,
    I find that the older issues can be given to new and curious upcoming writers that are trying to voice themselves on page.
    It is fun to watch the faces light up when you turn to a page of their interest and direct them to write what they know!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone….

    Dorman Nelson

  • I have a few older versions and I’m wondering what can be done with them. They are pretty much obsolete (from the 90’s) other than some of the advice to writers seeing has how a number of print publications are no longer in existence. I’d really hate for them to end up in a landfill somwhere, but even if I donate them, who’d want them?
    Chanell Gautreaux recently posted..La RiojaMy Profile

    • Anne

      Good question… the advice to writers in the front is probably still valid… or maybe recycling would be best… not sure.

  • Nice to know it’s tax-deductible. But that only counts if you’re making money from writing. Nuts!

    I bought the 2010 one at B&N and did the online one (Writer’s Digest had a special) and I like both, although I think I prefer the online. The print in the book is tiny and my eyes are starting to get really funky.
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Three Good Reasons to Always Carry a CameraMy Profile

    • Elizabeth-LOL! Boy, can I relate to that tiny print problem!

      I haven’t looked for a while, but has the online fee listing caught up with the book? I like to peruse it when I try something a bit different from what I have done before.
      Cathy Miller recently posted..Have We Lost Simple CommunicationMy Profile

  • I’ve had the online version since 2004. And you’re right – if you don’t have the hard copy, you miss the chance to thumb through it and use those handy sticky notes for ideas.

    Plus, the sucker’s tax deductible.
    Lori recently posted..Worthy Tip- Upping Your GameMy Profile

    • Anne

      I wish they hadn’t screwed up the print edition… why didn’t they call me and ask first? 😉

  • Anne:

    I have the 2009 version and I am enrolled online. Even though I’m not a “newbie”-at least not REALLY new, I don’t mind spending the $$ for the book if it adds value beyond the 2009 version and my online subscription. What’s your opinion?

    Thanks, Anne.

    P.S. I totally agree with Anne – buoying both when I 1st started was a decision I never regretted.
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Health Care Tuesday Makes it SimpleMy Profile

    • Anne

      I’m beginning to thing the online version is all we need… darn it… I do love having a book, but they’ve reduced its usability.

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