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A FAQ About Getting Started In Freelance Writing

getting started, beginningIf you’re thinking about becoming a freelance writer or just getting started, these frequently asked questions and answers may help:

Where do I get ideas to write about?

Is it really possible for a person with no writing credits to land a freelance writing job or gig?

Should I write for free to build my credit list?

What do pro writers mean when they say “just write”?

How do I land a freelance writing job?

How can I get started writing articles?

How do I write a rough draft?

Can I learn to write faster?



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  • Hello Anne,

    I loved to read this FAQ about freelance writing. I’m starting out myself and I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed. Anyway, I believe in my passion for writing and I won’t give up. I don’t have any resume worthy experience or credits, but I’ll be working on it. Very helpful information! Thank you for sharing with the newbies!
    Susana recently posted..Man in the MirrorMy Profile

  • Hi Anne,
    I found all your articles really useful when I was just starting out. Now, with several jobs under my belt (still new!) I would like to say thank you. The article I found most helpful was the one where you published a script on how you cold-called to find a writing job.
    It is possible to find your first writing job with very little writing credit, but it takes a lot of courage to make that first call or to send a cold email. On my experience, however, the first four emails I sent yielded two jobs! Thanks again.
    Sarah Charmley recently posted..A Quick Style GuideMy Profile

  • Anne-you may know about this, but I recently learned of a site that facilitates guest blogging when you are trying to increase visibility. It’s Blogger Linkup at http://www.bloggerlinkup.com. I used it and had a guest post already. I’ve been crazy busy (yay!) so I haven’t followed up as much as I’d like, but it does seem to work well.

    Here’s their pitch:
    Who Should Join? You should join BloggerLinkUp if you are:

    * A blogger who uses guest posts to fill in when you are away or just want to give your readers another point of view
    * A blogger or web site owner who wants to get links and exposure by writing guest posts
    * A blogger who does interviews or round-up articles and needs sources
    * A representative of a company that wants to get your products reviewed by bloggers
    * A PR person, publicist or social media consultant who helps clients with any of the above.
    Cathy Miller recently posted..How Filling a Need Makes a Better BedMy Profile

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