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Where Should The Bio Go? Ask Anne

writer's interviewHi Anne,

Maybe you can help.

For my blog I did an email interview with someone about a book they have coming out in September.

The interviewee included a short bio at the bottom of his answers.

Do I put it at the end of the interview  like he did and then write an additional  short intro of my own at the top?

This is a very influential person and I don’t want to screw it up.



Hi WE,

You’re wise to handle an influential person with kid gloves.

Exactly how you handle the bio is really up to you. It is your blog and if you already have several interviews you may want to put the bio where you usually do.

When I have a guest article like Helen Chang’s, or Lori Widmer’s, I like to:

  • let my readers know it’s not my article
  • brag about my co-writer stars
  • give them credit where it’s truly obvious

So on top, in bold, I list them as the author.

Their bio goes at the end of their article with a link to their site.

For an interview I’d probably put something like:

(Famous Person) was kind enough to answer my questions about his new book, (Book’s Title), in the following email interview:

I’d put that up on top in italics so it was obvious it wasn’t part of the interview, then put the bio at the bottom, also in italics.

WE, blogging is way too new and way too diverse to have developed standards for this type of thing. You get to decide. Keep in mind that you’re helping promote his book and that your first loyalty is to your readers.

And post the link when it’s up.



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  • KathleenL

    WE and Annie —
    How about incoporating the bio information in your blog? In the body of it.

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