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To Dress Or Not – A Poll

Over at Lori Widmer’s Words on the Page, Lori tells how she dresses for her freelancing at home.

The theory, of course, is that if you (and you’ll see I am talking about you, not me, in a moment) get dressed for work, even if you’re working at home you’ll feel more professional and therefore do a better job.

Some agree, some don’t.

I don’t. I’ve tried putting on my shoes and even adding just a touch of makeup in order to work at home.

When I do this, I just feel silly. Suspect my productivity even drops a bit, but I don’t know how to test for that.

Of course, when I go out I clean up. When I meet clients I clean up even more, matching my the way I dress to either the client or the place we’re going to meet.

Here’s a poll on the subject.

I’ll keep this open for a week or two and publish the answers.


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  • jorgekafkazar

    Well, one of the many benefits of working at home (besides the sybaritic life-style, the throngs of enthusiastic admirers, and the huge income) is that I can wear whatever I want. So I do not wear: suits, ties, shoes, socks, cummerbunds, snoods, cufflinks, top hats, skimpy-brims, mukluks, codpieces, or poulaines. After a morning shower, I rush forth, bright-tailed and bushy-eyed, ready to meet the world in blue jeans and a dress shirt. I use Skype, but don’t activate the camera before I’ve had a cup of coffee or noon, whichever comes first.

  • PJs!

    I do take a shower if I’m at home. Helps me feel fresh. No makeup unless I’m planning to go out.
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Lessons from a Master: Relentless by Dean KoontzMy Profile

  • I’m most comfortable working in the clothes that I wear at home.

  • My answers are “yes and no” for the last two. I think in terms of how I view myself, yes, I feel more professional when I have on clean clothes. No, it doesn’t make me more professional, but it makes me feel a little more ready to take on tough client issues. That said, I can be a professional in sweatpants. However, I draw the line at pajamas – just can’t feel like I’ve committed to my day in those!

    I think I may have confused people with the “dress for work” concept. I didn’t mean suits, skirts, or even business casual. I meant cleaned up and wearing anything that makes us feel able to open the front door should a delivery come. Right now I’m sitting here in a tank top and shorts. And yes, I’m feeling productive. It’s being comfortable in your exterior “skin” so to speak. 🙂

    I never put on makeup unless I’m going somewhere.
    Lori recently posted..Dressing for the JobMy Profile

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