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Need An Idea? Ask Someone!

freelance writing ideasMaybe I’m still tired from the move – after all, I did empty the last of the boxes yesterday and that did involve moving a bunch of books to the book case. Or maybe I didn’t sleep as well as I thought I did last night.

Whatever it is, I’ve been sitting in front of this darn computer without writing at all.

I’ve checked my Google reader feeds and found some moderately interesting stuff. I’ve surfed some political posts. I’ve tried google news for publishing and freelance writers without getting anything I wanted to write about.

I was really feeling quite stuck. And then a friend called.

She was just reporting on her trip. We chatted for about 10 minutes and all of a sudden I asked her to ask her husband what I should write about. He has shown some interest in writing a book or something.

His idea was to write about what to do when you’re stuck for an idea. I’ve done some things like that, including 5 Ways To Generate New Ideas And Creativity.

Then I noticed what happened. He actually suggested an idea to me, and although I felt like I’d done that enough, I also had added another idea generating tool to my quiver and hopefully to yours too. Just the process of asking someone kicked out the notion that I could ask. Okay, it’s a bit recursive, but there you have it.

And then, as I started to write this post it occurred to me I could google the word, idea. Lots and lots of entries there, but the second one got me http://ideas.bighugelabs.com/. Enter a word and you get pictures!

Book mark that one – you never know when you might need it.

How to you generate ideas when you’re feeling a bit stale?


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  • jorgekafkazar

    Just about anything can jog your creative djinn:


    (That’s me, dressed for work, in the picture by the way. See Anne’s next thread, “To Dress or Not.”)

    Reading is good: Phone books, novels, catalogues, coffee table books, picture books, art magazines (e.g., American Craft), books of short fiction, all are good.

    Writing workshops and chatting with friends and strangers can be inspiring, too. One of my sister’s boyfriends told us a story of his trip to the South Seas. Many years later, I turned his tale into a short story. Later yet, a workshop buddy suggested I turn it into a one-act play. The play, “Mountain Where Rain Alltime,” is now being considered for production.

    The older I get and the more I write, the easier this process gets. I now have faith that I can deliver the goods, write a funny and interesting piece whenever I write. I try never to repeat an idea, though I occasionally recycle names and little details or bits of dialogue. Last month, I used a 30 minute gap in my schedule to write down 23 ideas for short fiction.

    • Anne

      love your pix dressed Jorge… all those work and more… and yes, those 10-30 minutes of listing ideas can result in a ton of them.

  • Oh what a neat website, the Ideas one! I just bought an old book at the library sale not long ago that was about writing and seeing. I haven’t read it yet, but apparently it’s along those same lines.
    Thanks for that link, Anne! 🙂

    My problem isn’t that I don’t have any ideas, but that I can’t get going on them. Doing a blog challenge helped me with my blog. I need to find something similar for my books. Just started another one!
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Lessons from a Master: Relentless by Dean KoontzMy Profile

  • It might seem obvious, but I soak in new ideas just from walking around the local library. Since it’s a smaller building, I stroll through every aisle and read book titles. It really works!

    Anne, thanks for the “ideas” site…every little bit helps.

  • Sometimes the simplest ideas (like asking someone) has the best results! Great idea to add to my de-stumping list. Thanks, Anne.

    P.S. You move in faster than I do…ahh…procrastination-now there’s an idea! 🙂
    Cathy Miller recently posted..How to Write a Reference Without CringingMy Profile

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