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I Am Not Your Mother!

freelance writerOccasionally I get questions that simply drive me crazy. Here’s an example, paraphrased to protect the sender:

I’ve agreed do some blogging, but I have no idea how many posts are expected of me a day or a week.

Can you tell me how many articles an average blogger should write each day? And can you give me a range of how much they should be paid per word?

I don’t know which is worse, that a freelance writer would agree to something this vague or that an “employer” would pretend to hire someone on this basis. At most, the two have only agreed to discuss the project.

Sure, it takes some time to learn how to freelance well, and part of that lesson includes asking questions of prospective employers. You have to ask questions or you won’t know what to write and you’re unlikely to get paid.

How Many Posts?

How many articles an average blogger should write a day? is what I call a how long is a piece of string question. I can generally write a couple of posts a day on writing – not surprising when you consider how long I’ve been doing it. Ask me to blog on something else, like quantum physics or shoes and I might be lucky to get a decent post a week up. Well, for the shoes maybe two or three a week because I at least wear them occasionally.

Employers should know how many posts they want a week. If they don’t the project is already in trouble and probably should be passed on until the person who is doing the hiring has some clear idea of what they need. I was hired to do a blog on banking. They wanted one entry a week and wanted it tied to any of several themes. We agreed the entries would be between 300 and 800 words each and each would link to at least one of the bank’s services. We also agreed on a price.

How Much Pay?

When it comes to pay for blogging it too is all over the map. Just for the heck of it I googled how much should I pay a blogger, something anyone can do about any topic. How Much Should You Pay a Blogger? has a great overview that’s worth reading even though it was written way back in 2005 – the comments are worth spending some time with too. How to Decide What to Charge as a Freelance Blogger is more recent, but notice, the principles are the same.

It really behooves the freelancer to think through an hourly rate or range before they respond to an ad. Of course there may be room for negotiation, but negotiation implies a give and take by both parties, not just a meek acceptance of what ever the employer may offer.


Okay, I’ve vented. And I do feel better. It’s just so frustrating sometimes when I realize the person asking hasn’t done any homework at all. But that’s what I’m here for… at least once and awhile.

How do you set prices for blogging?



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  • You slay me. 🙂

    But you’re right – if you as a writer sign up to do something without getting the basic questions answered first, you’re doing both your client and yourself a disservice. If the client doesn’t know what they want or what to pay, then do some basic homework. Ask other writers, but ask more pointed questions, like “How much do you charge for your blog posts, and how long are they?” That’s easier to answer because most of us who write for blogs can give an answer on something tangible like that.

    For the record, I wouldn’t write ANY blog post for less than $50 per and no more than 300 odd words each. That’s me coming up with the topics, researching them, and putting them down on paper. It takes me less than an hour now that I’m used to it and since I know the industry well.

    As for how many to write a day, that’s up to the client once the client and the writer come to the right price.

    It’s a soup question, isn’t it? 🙂
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    • Anne

      You slay me too kiddo… and as usual, we agree. We’ll have to find something to disagree about and start a controversy.

  • This made my day! Hopefully, the “new” freelancer will read the other articles and receive a general sense of how to proceed.
    Rebecca recently posted..Does Your Blog Make You Gag?My Profile

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