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5 Blogs About Books 2 – Resource Roundup Tuesday

freelance writers write booksOver a year ago I published the first Blogs About Books – some darn good resources there. Reading is so important for writers – reading widely.

Here are some blogs that will expand your reading horizons:

  • Libdrone – Alan L Jobe has worked in bookstores and libraries and by his own statement is obsessed with books. Reviews and comments.
  • LiteraryMinded – Angela Meyer lives in Melbourne, Australia – folks from Oz tend, in my experience, to be frank, humorous and irreverent – Angela fits that bill as she natters about books.
  • Upper Fort Stewart – This is one of those blogs I suspect might be fun and maybe, once and awhile, important. Ian Stewart reviews books I’d never find any other way, and takes about his life.
  • Maw Books Blog – Natasha may be a force in the book business to be reckoned with – not right way – she’s got young children. But by next week for sure. She’s hugely active in all things book and her blog reflects that.
  • All Things That Matter PressReviews of books, many with a social justice slant. Again, books I’d like to read and wouldn’t find in the normal course of life.

What’s your favorite blog about books?

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