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How To Contact New Writing Clients

questions and answers for writersHi Anne,

I saw the video about contacting past clients. Great info.

What is the best way to contact new clients such as newspaper editors and corporate clients? Should I email first or call? What should I say?

I’ve always heard that for magazines the best thing to do is pitch a letter for the story first. Is this the same for other clients as well?

Thanks for your time and efforts.


Hi RP,

First of all writing for corporate clients is very different from writing for magazines and newspapers.

Corporations and businesses need press releases, white papers, marketing material and other kinds of writing specific to business. If you want to write for corporate clients I’m going to suggest you read Peter Bowerman’s The Well-Fed Writer. He outlines how to create a portfolio, how to make phone calls and everything else you need to know to become proficient at corporate writing. I’ve written about writing telescripts and tips for making calls.

Newspapers, of course, want news. There’s a big difference, however, between writing for a small, weekly free newspaper and writing for a major metro daily. The latter hire freelancers occasionally, the former offer a perfect way for new writers to begin to build a list of credits. You can call the editor of a small weekly, and it works best if you have an idea or two to pitch. The article, How To Get Started Writing With Your Weekly Newspaper, gives more detail.

You can try the same approach with section editors at metro newspapers, but you won’t have much luck if you don’t have some experience you can point to.

Magazines cover everything in the world, depending on the magazine. That includes online magazines as well as those in print. Your best approach is to start with the current edition of Writer’s Market. You’ll be submitting queries as specified in the market listings.

Good luck!



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