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Of Clutter, Cleaning, And Changing House

My father used to say you either ought to move every two years or never move. He had a point.

I signed a lease on a new cottage last week with the goal of being moved no later than the second week in June, which gives me some time. The last time I moved I did it in a hurry.

Although I’ve got some other things on my plate today, I decided to start with the bookcase in my office. Here’s what I found:

  • Half a dozen books I’ll either sell or give away – even some on writing. I am, however, keeping more than I’m getting rid of – sigh!
  • A box of business cards that when I sorted them, I ended up keeping maybe a dozen. Who were those people anyway?
  • Three unopened boxes of staples that don’t fit my stapler – into the donation bag they went.
  • Glycerin soap – why in my office? No clue.
  • Checks from a long-closed bank account – thank the goddess for recycling.
  • Three phone books that will go into recycling. When will the phone companies figure out phone books no longer work – or when will advertisers?

  • Unknown number of telephone cables, connectors to who knows what, and computer-type cords. Anything I didn’t recognize or that doesn’t have a USB  connector when into the computer donation box.
  • More 3 ring notebooks than anyone would ever need – have to sort through those.
  • A nice, square basket with a lid that has who knows what in it. Oh, it’s got stuff I want to keep – dry erase board stuff and I think I’ve got a place for such a board again. So I’ll keep that. With luck I’ll remember it and not buy duplicates.

So, what kind of clutter is in your office you’d like to let go of?


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  • I hoard cords. I usually fold them up neatly, put a rubber band around them individually, then put them in a small box in the basement. Never know when you’ll need that cable. I find myself constantly looking through that pile of cords for that one the computer stuff didn’t come with. Oy!

    I think I need to move. It’s the only way I’m cleaning this study. 🙂 Your place sounds wonderful.
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..Are You Settling? =-.

    • Anne

      I finally started draping my cords around a hanger – I can see them that way which makes it easier to find the one I want.

      The cables etc. I’m giving to my tech… it’s only because he’s a tech who donates stuff that I’m able to let go of ’em. 😉

    • Anne

      You know, if my computer is working the way I want it too… all systems, I figure the cords still wrapped in plastic etc. are probably something I can let go of. We’ll see if I’m right.

  • For ages, my parents stored my stuff. Then I got a proper house (not just a room with other people) and my mother kindly dropped it all off on my doorstep. Most of it was stuff I knew I didn’t need but didn’t have the heart to throw away…so it’s all boxed up in a cupboard for the next move. I hope it’s a long while away – I’ve never had to move a whole house of stuff!

    • Anne

      Good for your Mother, Lucy! Might be worth sorting out and giving useful stuff away.

  • Interesting. Back here in India, ninety percent of people come into a house and then live there for generations. Moving, or shifting as we call it here is a big, big, big step and inevitably we take everything – and I mean everything – except that one thing we keep in the house for luck’s sake or something.
    .-= Roy DSilva´s last blog ..How to Freelance: Setting Up a Price Point =-.

    • Anne

      Love the different customs around the world. Thanks for sharing this one.

  • Books are definitely a problem for me. I love my library, I’ve spent a lot of time searching for some of these books, and I have no intention of letting them go. That said, there are probably a lot of impulse buys I could ditch.

    In my office, where I never work, I have a ton of craft stuff. I hate to think about it, but if I move in the near future, it won’t be going with me. All the stuff I collected for miniatures and dollhouses will have to go. I can’t keep it in storage and I just don’t have time to work on it. 🙁
    .-= Elizabeth West´s last blog ..Remake Rants =-.

    • Anne

      I will say that every time I move my books now I end up reading at least a few of them.

  • About every two-three years I go through my entire house and purge, and then I have a yardsale! For anyone who has trouble doing that, Tim Gunn’s book A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style is really amazing. It’s about clothing, but you can definitely apply it to everything in your life.
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..A Post for Parents =-.

    • Anne

      I had a vision of not moving so many books… I should have been more specific… am getting rid of 3 smallish boxes of books… the rest will follow me. With clothes and almost everything else, if I haven’t used it in 6 mo or a year it tends to go! Books? Not so much.

    • Anne

      I may have a yard sale… or not. Got some stuff on Craigslist now. Allison, you sound well organized!

  • Your dad was right. I don’t mind moving. I grew up in a military family so I moved every two years for most of my childhood. As an adult, I’m still a bit of a nomad. Because of all the moving, I despise owning things because I realize I will eventually have to move it.
    .-= P.S. Jones´s last blog ..Yes You Do Need An Editor (And His Name Isn’t SpellCheck) =-.

    • Anne

      Yes, he was. I lived on small boats for years and years and still have less stuff than most. I judge that by the fact that I never ever get all the shelves in the kitchen full or the second closet… this new place may become the exception because it’s small. We’ll see. The easiest move I ever had was when my wee boat was towed from one dock to another… even the cat stayed aboard!

  • Oh, I feel your pain! Are you leaving North Park? I lived for over 20 years in San Diego and the last 6 in Encinitas. I had a 3BR townhome and really didn’t think I had all that much. Wrong!!

    But, then I decided to move into my 87-year-old mother’s home in Boise, ID (who was living alone since my Dad died ). I had to get rid of everything since my Mom had everything. I gave to Goodwill, Salvation Army, you name it. I gave away 20 boxes of books!

    I wrote about the fun(?) on my personal blog http://blog.millercathy.com/2009/07/26/where-did-all-this-stuff-come-from.aspx

    I wish you good luck and much happiness in your new home!
    .-= Cathy Miller´s last blog ..Stand Out in a Crowd =-.

    • Anne

      Leaving North Park for City Heights. I’ll be overlooking a canyon… much quieter and much more like country. I don’t use most of what’s available in North Park… oh heck, I’ve never been 100% at home in this particular place.

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