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5 Blogs On The Art of Negotiation For Writers

Resource Roundup Tuesday Almost a year ago I posted Blogs About Negotiation. There are some great and helpful links there. Here are  more:

  1. Negotiation And Freelance Writers – An Art – I make some suggestions about negotiation.
  2. Carol Tice offers 10 Negotiation Tips for Writers which has excellent advice.
  3. How to Negotiate a Creative Commons License: Ten Steps. An excellent article if you’re even curious about the Creative Commons license.
  4. How to Negotiate Better Freelance Writing Contracts – a good, solid article about negotiation for writers. I like this one.

  5. Demystifying Contracts: What Every Writer Should Knowan overview of what you need to know about book publishing contracts.

I can’t think of anything in writing for clients and/or publishers that isn’t up for negotiation. It takes self-confidence to do this well. Self-confidence is a positive attitude about yourself and your work you can build. Negotiation is a  skill you can learn. I’ve found the two often go together. As my self-confidence improved so did my ability to negotiate.

What’s your experience with negotiation?


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