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Make Money Blogging 2

Freelance Writing moneyBack in early 2009 I blogged the first Make Money Blogging Roundup. Those links still work and is a good place to start.

Of course, not everyone who blogs wants to make money at it. Some feel if their blog is the site they use to market themselves and their writing services, advertising has no place. Others just like blogging. It is, however, nice to make some coin from all that effort.

Here are some blogs and approaches you may find helpful:

  • Make Money Blogging, which is also on the original page has been updated. Darren, who is getting close to earning seven figures has also created a video that details, in percentages, where his income comes from on his various blogs. The whole site is aimed at showing you how to earn with your blog.
  • How to Make Money Blogging is an article that gives you an overview of possible income streams. Worth reading just to get a feel for the field.

Jon Morrow makes a ton of money blogging – you’ll find some of his articles about how to do that Jon Morrow Blogs.

Yaro Starak talks about how blogging has changed and what it’s like now (2015).

You’ll find a ton of get-rich-quick schemes around blogging. Some of them may really work. My own experience says, however, that while running a blog is a good way to make some money, hitting it big time – say seven figures or more – is rare.

You might also find these articles interesting:

Do you make money on your blog? How do you do it?

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