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Goat Dancing This Week!

Freelance writer dances with goatsSeems like starting Sunday about 4 p.m. life has become a matter of learning again to goat dance well. Don’t recognize goat dancing? Most don’t, but it’s a lovely term that was used by Joe Tate when I lived at Galalee Harbor up in Sausalito. He used it to describe those times in life when things, while not going exactly wrong are far from going exactly right, or even close. Let me describe what’s been going on with me.

Sunday I spent a wonderful day with my son Steve, his lovely wife Stacey and my two grandkids Valerie and Cole. The occasion was Valerie’s birthday and I can assure you she is now definitely six years old. I’d taken the train up from San Diego, watching the Pacific crash and flow against the shore most of the way.

Steve dropped me off in good time for the 4 o’clock train home. Shortly after he left, it was announced the train would be at least an hour late. Track repair south of Los Angeles meant delays and even cancellations. I ended up paying a bit extra to ride in business class so I could get on the next train which, for non-reserved seats, was full almost to over-flowing. By the way, if you get a chance to travel by train I recommend it highly. Delays are rare in my experience and it so beats driving freeways.

Monday I tried to add up my time sheet. I’d been following Helen Chang’s suggestions in her article, Punching into My Own Timeclock. I seem to be incapable of teaching excel to track time. So I began a search for time tracking software. Geeze! I want one that will allow four categories and let me start and stop in each one easily and, at the end of the day and the week, total the categories. I haven’t found it yet.

Monday was also the day I received my legal copy of Microsoft Office 7, so I installed it and went on doing whatever it is I do.

Tuesday, when I started the computer again, I got the Microsoft nag screen telling me my copy of Office was illegal. That started a series of phone calls in two groups to that outfit up in Redmond Washington. Except I was talking to people in several cities in India. The first attempt had me explaining I was “hanging up now” because I’d been asked the same questions three times and was losing my ability to be civil, let alone polite.

About half an hour later with a fresh cup of coffee I began again. Again I was put through to three different people, each asking the same questions, but this time I was able to remain if not serene at least willing. This third gal confirmed that my product ID was indeed legit. Fortunately she’d given me a phone number to call back, because I had to leave, this time to make a phone appointment.

I called back, worked my way through there more people and the tech and I did this and that and I thought it was solved.


I decided most of the morning was gone and I would go ahead and move the computer box to under the desk so I would hear the fan right in my ear. When I got all hooked up again sure enough, there was that nag screen. This time I had a case number. It took about an hour and I had to give up control of my computer to the tech – spooky, but it works – and yes, the problem is solved. Roughly half a day.

Now, I actually pay my ISP monthly which gives me the privilege of calling and getting some sort of supper-dupper support. I’d been unhappy with the speed of my connection so called. That took another hour and again I turned over control of the computer to the tech. It helped some and I’ll probably cancel that service at the end of this month or next.

This morning things seemed to be smoothing out. I had a package to return to Amazon via UPS and that went well. I got my grocery shopping done at Trader Joe’s early enough so they had everything I wanted and more. Now, if I can find the tiny pill I just dropped and it works on the incipient  migraine, and they almost always do, I’ll have a great time at clay.

Someone told me yesterday that Mercury is in retrograde, or was. Or maybe I’ve just not been holding my mouth right.

With a bit of luck I’ll actually get back to writing this afternoon!

How’s your week going?


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  • That line about not holding your mouth right made me laugh out loud. I always say that!

    Glad it got fixed!
    .-= Elizabeth West´s last blog ..If Wishes Were Horses… =-.

    • Anne

      Have you found exactly the right way to do it?

  • jorgekafkazar

    I remember a Joe Tate from my SFO days. If I recall correctly (and I’ll check this with my last Whole Earth Catalog), he was the guy who figured out how to make a ship’s compass from a refrigerator magnet. The Tate’s Compass never caught on, though, because its polarity drifted whenever sunlight warmed the magnet. That’s why people said, “He who has a Tate’s is lost.”

    • Anne

      That’s got to be the same Joe Tate… also build a wave organ over by the SF Yacht club and messed around, probably still does, with ambient energy?

      • jorgekafkazar

        Things that far back are a bit blurry, but I remember a guy who invented a boat you could cut out of a single 4′ x 8′ panel of plywood and carry on top of your car. Very clever. I think he was at Galilee, but I don’t recall his name for sure.

        • Anne

          That was Derrick… his last name isn’t in my head at the moment – I had one of those wee boats… sailed it, used it as a skiff… never camped with it. He and his wife have a house on the southern way into Mill Valley, or they did. It’s been 18 years or so since I was there… we’ve been tripping over each other (pun recognized.)

  • Anne:

    I don’t mean to laugh at your expense but that was very funny. And I can so relate. Reminds me of when I got my 1st Dell computer and had very similar customer service challenges.

    You speak with the Stepford-wife (or husband) type, programmed people who read the same script over and over and over. It doesn’t matter that it has absolutely nothing to do with your problem. I swore if they asked me to unplug and re-plug my connection one more time I was going to come through the phone to unplug them!

    At least you can go to your happy place from the train trip along the ocean. I have done it, too, and loved it. I figure that this means the rest of your week will be super! I hope so anyway! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and making me smile.
    .-= Cathy Miller´s last blog ..Business Emails Are Not Dead =-.

    • Anne

      Delighted I made you laugh Cathy – truly.

  • It probably doesn’t help much, but we run Ubuntu 10.04 and it comes with a personal time tracker. It’s simple and awesome. It’s called KTimeTracker, but as far as I know it doesn’t run in Windows.

    But they do exist! =D Hope your week works out better.

    • Anne

      Thanks Ashley, I’m testing TimePanic today and it if keeps working the way it is I’ll do a review of it next week.

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