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Freelance Writing Jobs For Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Freelance Writing JobsWe have 52 freelance writing jobs, blogging jobs, editing jobs, translation jobs and creative gigs today.

How To Find and Land Freelance Writing Gigsis an ever growing category listing articles about how to get freelance writing jobs and the article, How to land a writing job is aimed at helping you when you apply to one of the freelance writing jobs listed here.

Job Postings Here Are The Tip Of A Great Big Iceberg! A must-read if you’re new to freelance writing, editing, blogging or translating or new to looking for gigs online.

  1. Hiring Nonfiction Freelance Writers! Suite101 currently has openings for nonfiction freelance writers across all subject matters. With over 4,000 writers, 24 million monthly readers and lifelong advertising royalties, Suite101 offers a well-established platform for getting published, read and paid. Apply to write for us today.
  2. Freelance Journalist for Business Journal
  3. Freelance Journalists/Writers
  4. Freelance and Independent Workers
  5. Norwegian & Spanish writers wanted

  6. Freelance Health Blogger breastfeeding & nutrition
  7. Healthcare Information Technology Writer
  8. Medical writer for needs assessments
  9. Contract Freelance Editor
  10. Company Blogger & Social Media Editor Needed
  11. PR / Marketing Blog Writers Needed
  12. Blogger / Writer / Reviewer Needed
  13. Freelance Bloggers / Press Release Writers Needed
  14. Need Stress Management Expert
  15. Need meditation expert for book revision
  16. Content Producer, Financial
  17. Content Producer, Legal
  18. Wordsmith Needed To Pour Hot Sauce On Blog
  19. Copy Editor Needed for New Magazine
  20. Business Writer/Editor
  21. Experienced writer to develop this story and assist me in bringing to publication
  22. Interviewer
  23. Copy Writer
  24. Independent Writers Wanted
  25. Writer
  26. Health & Wellness Writers

  27. SEO and content writers
  28. Boating Enthusiasts Wanted
  29. English to German Translator
  30. Book Editor for Innovative Publishing House
  31. Web page content writer-for Legal
  32. Looking For Copywriter To Edit And Tweek E-Book
  33. Professional Writers Wanted
  34. Freelance reporter
  35. Copyeditor/Proofreader
  36. Ghost writer/editor needed for book
  37. Proposal Writer
  38. Now Hiring Copywriters!
  39. Looking for someone to Edit my book
  40. Write My Resume!
  41. Math Curriculum and Content Editor/Writer
  42. Japanese Translator Wanted
  43. English Editors Wanted
  44. Web Writer
  45. Are You the Next Roy MacGregor or Barbara Frum?

  46. List Writer for FasList
  47. Editor/Writer for Web Content
  48. Seeking Freelance Writers from Across America

Low Paying Gigs:

  1. Seeking experts
  2. Content blurb writer
  3. Guest blogger wanted in business innovation & marketing
  4. Fiction editor

Canadian writing job seekers may find what they want at the Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs Blog.  Deb Ng publishes jobs at FreelanceWritingGigs. Problogger also posts blogging jobs. Jennifer Mattern at All Freelance Writing.  John Hewitt also publishes jobs for writers.


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