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Getting Your Book Written Class – What’s Missing?

How To Write A BookI’ve been putting a class together about getting your book written for ages and ages it seems. It really is getting close… I expect to launch it before June 1.

Here is the revised schedule of lessons. What’s missing from this list? What would you like to see added?

1. Intro

2. Vision Your Book – a nifty process

3. Defining Your Book’s Purpose

4. Finding Your Ideal Reader

5. Your Working Table of Contents

6. Getting The Writing Done – 1

7. Your ideal writing day / week

8. Making Long Manuscripts Work For You

9. Getting The Writing Done – 2

10. Rewriting and Editing

11. From Idea To Book – The Steps in Publishing – script

12. Book Proposal Or Completed Book? script

13. What About Agents? – script

14. Write a Great Query Letter

15. Know Your Rights – US include gnu – it’s all negotiable

16. Trade Publishing and Self-Publishing Contrasted

17. Where Do Ebooks Fit In All Of This?

18. You’ve Got To Market Your Book

19. Would a Ghostwriter help (what, how to hire, contract)

20. Would a Writing Coach help (what, how to hire, contract)

So… what do you think? What would you like to see added? And thanks!


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  • jorgekafkazar

    Looks good. I think somewhere under one of the sections (maybe “Making Large Manuscripts Work For You), it would help to review navigating around in a big file with MSWord.

    • Anne

      Not sure what you mean, exactly, navigating around a big word file… I use headings to create a table of contents that I update with every major change, plus a system of book marks… really sophisticated book marks: xxx

      Is that what you mean?

      • Not sure if it’s what was meant or not but a crash course on using word to format your book would be cool. Not a full on word tutorial obviously but some of the things you described would be handy.
        .-= Christopher´s last blog ..4 Ways to Re-Evaluate Your Business (part 1) =-.

        • Anne

          Christopher, I do cover that in the class and there’s also a book I should review. I can’t remember the title and it’s packed for my move Saturday… oh, I know how to find it… time passes – nope, that didn’t work… you’ll have to wait until I unpack next week.

  • Hey Anne!

    As I’m nearing completion of my parenting book (I know its a miracle!) I’m starting to worry about editing and formatting for print on demand. This looks like its there in your list. Any resources available around your blogs now though? I’ll keep looking! 🙂

    I’m excited to see what you come up with! 🙂


    • Anne

      Check out lulu’s specs… I start there.

  • Bibliography formatting and tips?
    .-= jorgekafkazar´s last blog ..Tenirax, Ch V =-.

    • Anne

      I’ve got formatting and I don’t know much about bibliography to tell the truth… I’m so far from being an academic writer I barely know what it means.

  • I’m with everyone here. I think it’s a very complete list. I’m mot interested in #6-or as Larry the Cable Guy would say “Git-R-Done” 🙂
    .-= Cathy Miller´s last blog ..Is Ghost Blogging Unethical? =-.

  • Maybe throw some resources in there as well? But I agree though, it looks pretty darn good. I’m excited as well.
    .-= Christopher´s last blog ..Passive Income: Creating Income When You Can’t Work =-.

  • I can’t see where anything needs to be added, either. This sure looks exciting!
    .-= Kylie´s last blog ..How to make Pesto =-.

  • Anne, this list looks complete to me. I keep thinking of topics, but they would all actually be subtopics of what you”ve already developed.
    .-= John Soares´s last blog ..Freelance Writers — Niche Specialization is the Key to Success =-.

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