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Friday Fun For Freelance Writers

Freelance Writing FunEver hear of Word Unscrambler? Neither had I. I started to google word games but before I’d gotten to the g I was presented with a short list that included word unscrambler (I searched from google’s own search page, not my browser address or other tool bar) so I clicked on it.

There are several. I tried Zach’s Word Unscrambler and it’s pretty nifty.

Enter any scrambled word, like yevre and you’ll get every in return. Replace a letter with asterisk and you’re likely to get a longer list. The longer the scrambled word the longer the returned list tends to be apparently. Doesn’t work on any letter combo, but it’s fun, particularly for a creative speller like me.

Creative Copy Challenge is now up to Challenge 34. Lately I’ve been making short blank verse poems of the words they present.

Finally, recently I’ve stumbled into Random Twitter Poet. Every now and again Justin Germino tweets that he’s looking for words to use in his next poem. Tweet a word, almost any word, and after awhile you’ll be rewarded with a poem that uses your word along with others he got from tweeters. His twitter handle is: twitter.com/dragonblogger

So glad it’s Friday!


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