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Want More Creativity for Your Freelance Writing? Break Your Pattern!

Creativity for Freelance WritersYou can encourage your creativity. Over in comments, Lori Widmer mentioned she found using her non-dominant hand on the mouse cured her shoulder pain. I responded that I’d done the same thing and found it also sparked my creativity. There seems to be something almost magic about breaking patterns.

Maybe it’s because it forces our mind into new territory, or maybe it just makes new connections. Whatever the reason, it works for me and for many.

Here are some things I do to break patterns:

  • Drive to the store using a different route.
  • Shop at a different grocery store – works even better when I go into one of the stores near here that cater to non-whites.
  • Try a different kind of food. Works even better if I go to a restaurant that serves a type of food than I’m used to.
  • Sleeping and getting up on the other side of the bed.
  • Read a book by people who believe different things than I do. This can be hard and I don’t make myself finish these books.
  • Try a different kind of art – I usually hand build pottery, but once and a while I’ll try painting. I’m considering a course.
  • If you’re a woman, wear more or less makeup.
  • Wear a hat. I love wearing hats occasionally. And I do feel differently when I do.
  • Write a poem. It happens rarely, but it’s always good for me.
  • Visit a totally new art museum.
  • Try a different kind of exercise.

You get the idea. Stir things up and you’ll stir your creativity.

What do you do to encourage your creativity?


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  • It works because it stimulates the brain and gets the ball rolling more or less. I find learning something new always works for me.

    When I feel that way I just randomly jump to something completely different. Go watch part of a movie, play a game, go for a walk, the more random the better. It takes time away from working but it helps a great deal.
    .-= Christopher´s last blog ..Passive Income: Creating Income When You Can’t Work =-.

  • Getting my weekly fix at Creative Copy Challenge. 🙂

    Even when I traveled extensively for business, I always would take at least one side trip to discover something about the city. I have been vacationing in Maui for about the last 16-17 years. The condos I stary in have a book of restaurants and things to do in Maui. I always do something or go somehere in Maui that I have not been before.

    There’s a lot right outside our door, waiting to be explored. Thanks for the reminder, Anne!
    .-= Cathy Miller´s last blog ..7 Tips for Finding the Right Business Writer =-.

    • Anne

      Perfect! I’ve never done much business travel, but when I have I’ve done roughly the same thing.

  • To encourage my creativity I do the following: work out, hike, read, listen to music, meditate, spend time in nature, journal, do graphic design, and my latest endeavor will be abstract painting.
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..The Case of Pro Blog vs. No Blog =-.

    • Anne

      Rebecca, we may be twins… only it’s brush painting for me. And even a little bit of fiddling with graphics makes me happy, even when it doesn’t work.

  • I started doing Guided Imagery Meditation.. it’s normally done to music and i love it.. allows me to use my body not my brain and to focus on feelings.. I sometimes draw mandalas or do journaling to complement whatever might have arisen .
    I do like your suggestions and will look at some.. I’m yearning to learn watercolors but already have issues with time!
    .-= Walker´s last blog ..Wednesday Words =-.

    • Anne

      Walker, if you yearn to do water colors find a way… I know, I know… but at least by some and a book and give it a go. Meditation helps my creativity too.

  • I could certainly use a change-up right now, so thanks for the advice!
    .-= Trisha´s last blog ..“…not only professional but very creative…” =-.

    • Anne

      change-up… good term and we don’t have to limit it to a baseball pitch 😉

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