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Celebrate Earth Day With Green Field Paper – It’s Tree Free!

Tree-Free PaperEarth Day is almost upon us. It’s a day we can not only remember climate change, but take some action that might make a positive difference.

I was surprised to find a company that offers great tree-free paper right here in San Diego. When I realized you can order their products over the internet I was delighted.

Green Field Paper makes all kinds of things like invitations on handmade plantable seed paper. A friend of mine use them for her wedding invites and loved the quality.

Their about page is intriguing, talking about junk mail paper, paper made from garlic skins, and paper made from hemp; it also explains their philosophy – would we had more like them.

I’m going to order some seed paper notes for my granddaughter’s birthday, and probably some recycled gift wrap to wrap them in.

Their business cards are interesting too.

Take a look – you’ll be glad you did I think.

What looks good to you?


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