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Do You Tell Yourself This Sneaky Lie?

Writers Can Get OrganizedMy buddy, Jennifer Hofmann, runs Inspired Home Office. I’ve worked with her and she’s truly empowering. Although she lives in Oregon she works magic over the phone with her mini classes and I seriously recommend her ebook called The Wish Kit if clutter and/or organization is even a tiny issue for you.

She’s also got a free newsletter and workbook.

So why am I pitching Jennifer today? Because last week she wrote an article for her blog that so applies to many of us.

Titled The #1 sneaky lie that attracts overwhelm it absolutely nails both the feeling of overwhelm and the cause.

I’m sure many of you will recognize at least some of the symptoms, like making your family and friends serious annoyed, missing real opportunities, etc.

I won’t spoil it by telling you what the number 1 sneaky lie we so often tell ourselves is, but I will promise you she’s got sensible and doable solutions.

So, do you ever tell yourself this lie?


Photo used with permission.

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