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iPad – An Accidental Viewing

Yesterday, after several more conversations with techs in India (I did get better at understanding their accents and had a lovely conversation with one about the Hindu God Ganesha who has always been a favorite of mine.) we determined that the firmware in the modem had probably gone bad.

At least something was wrong. The Ethernet light quit lighting. Why a modem’s firmware should go belly up at approximately a year’s worth of use tempts me to conspiracy theory.

However, I toddled off to Best Buy, choosing that big box retailer of Frys because I could get there without freeway driving. Recovering from a migraine meant I just didn’t want to do freeways yesterday. (Fortunately a night’s sleep and some great meds mean the migraine is gone and I’m human today.)

I’ve been aware that Apple was releasing it’s iPad – there’s been no way to avoid that info. But I wanted a new modem!

The crowd around the display was just big enough to get my attention and since the sign overhead said “Apple” I was able to figure out it must be the iPad.

Sure enough, cabled firmly to a table were four or five of the things, each in the hand of a man or women way younger than I am.

I leaned over a shoulder and asked “Do we love it?” while looking at the terribly smudged display in some fellow’s hand.

“It’s okay,” was about the only response I got as he quickly got back to doing whatever he was doing.

The delightful gear head who pried himself away from the iPad display to find me the right modem, looking maybe 14-years-old, told me he had an iPod, a Mac Book and several other Apple items and was sure he’d get an his own iPad shortly.

I didn’t wait to get my hands on one, but I did hang over shoulders enough to get a look at how text might look. Good, although the size seems awkward to me. The dimensions are apparently 7.47 x 9.56 – not the size of a piece of paper or either of the common size paperback books, let alone a hardback. And it’s thin, half an inch thin.

I’d want it in a sturdy, protective case of some sort. One that gave the thing a chance when I dropped it. It might work okay as an ebook for in-bed reading, which is a criteria of mine, but it won’t work in the bath. Might actually be sort of okay at the beach in the right holder, although I doubt you can see much in bright sunlight.

The New York Times has a nifty column called Live Blogging the iPad’s Big Day. It’s just that, with some fun videos if you’re curious. The same paper’s David Pogue, a reviewer of tech I trust, has a review that addresses both techies and regular folks. If you’re thinking about buying an iPad it’s worth a read. It’s worth a read if you just want to know how the gadget fits into tech and maybe ebooks.

As I read about it and think about it I’m still more interested in ebook readers.

What do you think about the iPad?


Photo by iLounge found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ipodlounger/4309335779/

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