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New Computer Woes; New Computer Joys

Freelance Writing Goat DanceOkay, here I am with my brand new and still shiny Windoz machine complete with Windows 7.

You’d think I’d know better, but I didn’t get all my passwords written down. Well, I have most of them, but not to getresponse, where I do my newsletter.  And my mind is a blank.

So I tried calling… apparently they are closed for Good Friday. Sigh.

And I can’t get into all my email… another strange tech problem. That is email that is still on the old hard drive, which I have. Should be straight forward.

On the other hand, the new computer is much faster, which I love and Windows 7 seems, well if not intuitive, at least workable.

Isn’t it amazing how addicted to more speed, and all the things we do on our computers?

Glad you’re there.


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  • Anne, check out Microsoft. They have the Easy Transfer. Everything from your old computer to your new computer. One button. It’s so easy it’s sickening.
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..Convincing Them You Don’t Suck =-.

    • Anne

      oh no… and I”m almost done! 😉

  • Speed is definitely an addiction. My computer is about average at home, but right now I’m visiting my parents for Easter and their dial-up is driving me INSANE. How did I live with it when I was in high school?
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Mom, Dad…I’m Going to be a Freelancer =-.

    • Anne

      lol, I remember when the lightening fast speed was 300 baud! I’m really dating myself aren’t I. But I remember when research meant going to the library and inter-library load… which still exists.

  • Jim

    Must be the season. My computer crashed/died on Monday so I have a new one too – also with Win7 64-bit. And having mentioned this to several friends, it seems that 3 out of 4 have experienced the same thing recently.

    I would accuse Microsoft of somehow being involved but my problem and those all my friends were hardware failures.

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