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To Blog Or Not To Blog…

Question and Answers for Freelance WritersDear Anne,

I have recently started a freelance writing business. I have established a website and included a link to a blog.

However, I have been have difficulty blogging. I am loss in regards to choosing a topic and what would interest an audience.

Any advice on choosing a topic and structuring the blog?

Thank you.


Hi DB,

It of course, depends on what you want from your blog. A blog can be many things, including a website that is easy to update, a personal journal that you’re willing for the world to see, or a blog like this on a specific topic.

If you want to make money with your blog you’re going to have to spend considerable time not only writing but also marketing. Back in October of 2009, Can I get Info estimated there were 40,000 new blogs created every day. I have no idea how accurate that figure actually is, but the point is a whole bunch of new blogs come online daily. If your blog is to be seen at all it takes work.

In June of the same year, The New York Times published Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest. I suspect everyone blogging and considering blogging should read it, and bookmark it so it can be read again.

Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start a blog, just that you should be fairly clear about what you want to do and why.

There are other great resources as well. One of my favorites is PROBLOGGER.net. Darren knows what he’s doing and shares an overwhelming amount of information, so sip slowly.

Your topic and structure aren’t as important as your passion and persistence if you want a successful blog.

Of course, life can be just fine without your own blog too.

Got a question about freelance writing, or blogging? Ask it in comments or send me an email and I’ll probably answer it here.


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  • I agree with Yaro Starak as well as Problogger.net.

    You hit it on the head though that it needs to be focused in some way. Think about how your going to use the blog.

    A blog can also be used in other ways as well. Such as showing authority in your field. Or keeping in touch with people. I have a blog with my writing (need to update it more) and I use it to keep people updated and it’s also a good reason to keep people coming back.

    As you said, it all depends on how you want to use it. Oh and it’s an excellent way to showcase your writing as well.
    .-= Christopher´s last blog ..What T.A.P.S. Can Teach Us About Business =-.

  • Yaro Starak is a great resource. Since I picked up a temp full-time gig, I haven’t had time to blog. When I get home I catch up on social media and marketing which takes up some time. Then I think about eating and exercising…Whew! Working from home does have it’s benefits because you can keep up with your own websites in addition to your clients. But you do what you have to do to pay the bills…My goal is to write posts on the weekend and have them ready to post.
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Writers Enter Writer’s Digest 79th Writing Competition =-.

  • Blogging is just like any other writing. You don’t do it because you want to; you do it because you are compelled too. Or, you hope to get wildly rich from it.

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