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5 Simple Ways To Write More

Take A Break From WritingI’m often asked questions that boil down to “how can I get more writing done?” Although more writing doesn’t necessarily mean more income or better writing, it may well be that you have good reasons for wanting to increase the number of words you  generate.

Here are five simple ways to get more writing done:

  1. Schedule a daily writing period. Our minds and bodies seem to respond well to a certain amount of routine. How to get on a writing schedule that ACTUALLY WORKS! is an article that talks about several ways to create a schedule. Or make up your own method.
  2. Write when you first get up. This won’t work for everyone, but according to Monday Master Class: How to Schedule Your Writing Like a Professional Writer more professional writers work in the morning than any other time, so it’s worth considering.
  3. Turn off the TV/radio. In other words, if you want to write more, eliminate distractions when you’re writing. 5 Ways to Avoid Distractions has some good suggestions for handling distractions at your computer.
  4. Write while waiting in line. Okay, you probably won’t be able to get deep writing done in the checkout line, but you could write a quick character sketch or capture an idea. The point is to find ways to work some writing in often. Jeff Herring wrote Standing in Line at the Grocery Store, You are Surrounded by Article Ideas.

  5. Take a real breaks, away from the computer. There’s evidence that taking breaks increases creativity.  The Importance of Taking Breaks talks about how Google uses breaks to help their employees stay creative. I figure if Google does it I can’t be far wrong.

Getting more writing done is often a matter of simply sitting down and doing it. It’s a practice and most freelancers find it easier as they go along.  Try some of these techniques and see if they don’t improve your production.

What are your tips and tricks for getting more writing done?


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  • I have the same problem as Christopher, only it’s day shift and without the kids. By the time I get home, I’m sometimes too tired to work. I kind of resent that the most productive part of my day is when I’m supposed to be doing my day job. I do manage to get some writing done at lunchtime. That’s 45 minutes of uninterrupted time, if I can snag the conference room.

    When I was writing my novel, I worked at lunch, at night and on the weekends. The current WIP isn’t going as smoothly so those times tend to be more avoidance than actually work, alas.

    • It’s not easy to carve out writing time when you have a full time job… sometimes moments over lunch or stolen at your desk are all you’ve got… for now.

  • jorgekafkazar

    I’m trying something that may keep projects from falling into a crack: I used Printmaster to make a desktop background consisting of a border with 18 current writing projects. In the center is a picture of a sailboat on the ocean. I can always think of something to do on one or more of those projects. I update the screen about once a month. It’s a lot neater than a bunch of sticky notes and comes up as soon as I log on.

    • Jorge, how did I miss this… do you have a pix of it? Screen shot? Would love to see it and have either you or me post about it.

  • I try to write early in the morning but it’s more of a wake up and get going excercise. Otherwise I write mid morning to afternoon in between chasing the youngin around.

    That’s about the only time I have to write as I still work at a job on second shift, so that pretty much kills my day. I would like to figure out some kind of schedule though, I think that helps a lot.

    I always carry a small notebook with me that way I can jot down notes and ideas as I come across them.
    .-= Christopher´s last blog ..What T.A.P.S. Can Teach Us About Business =-.

  • I really need to start implementing a dedicated writing time into my daily schedule. I tend to put it off until the end of the day, and by then I’m too tired to write much. I love the idea of writing early in the morning!
    .-= Rachel @ Pen Meets Wallet´s last blog ..March Earnings Update =-.

  • I try to do all my writing when my kids are asleep and my wife is in bed, I am a blogger not a true freelance writer, but I do write articles for Helium and Associated Content occasionally. I like either no background noise, or instrumental music without any vocals which helps set a rhythm and mood for writing.
    .-= Justin Germino´s last blog ..Forgetting to Use Foursquare =-.

    • Anne

      Blogging and writing for Helium and AC sounds like freelance writing to me… at least the beginning of a career. I’ve never been able to write late at night… always tickles me how much alike we are and how different.

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