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New Computer Today

New computer blues

Found at http://sangrea.net/free-cartoons/yarts_unplugged.jpg

Later today I get my new computer. Yea!

The plans have it I won’t get snarled in all sorts of delays… right?

But just in case, I wanted you to know that if I seem to disappear today or tomorrow it’s only due to tech stuff.



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  • Anne

    George, you did, and I just discovered it… please accept my belated gratitude… also sent an email. A

  • Anne

    I’ll ask my tech guy…

  • Oh, it already is easy to switch OSes. That is, if you consider having a machine that has a Dual Boot system, which is simple – all one has to do is to install two operating systems on two different hard disks. This was quite a challenge in terms of disk space when we had 80 GB HDDs, but with spaces being upto 1 Terabyte today, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    We used to do this frequently when Windows XP wasn’t such a superstar and we still believed in Win 98, and I was surprised a few years ago when I found out Dell charged a $100 extra just to have a dual boot HDD. Hell, I could do it meself.
    .-= Roy Daniel DSilva´s last blog ..Hobbies for a Writer: Whatever Your Little Heart Desires =-.

  • Anne

    Good to hear… wonder if we’ll ever get to the place when changing operating systems is easy.

  • Windows 7 Rocks. I have been using it for a month now, and I dread the moment that I would have to lose the Operating System and get back to *shudders* Windows XP or “dies* Windows Vista.
    .-= Roy Daniel DSilva´s last blog ..Hobbies for a Writer: Whatever Your Little Heart Desires =-.

  • Anne

    You’re a jewel George, it’s anne@aboutfreelancewriting.com


  • Congratulations! Enjoy. Make backups.
    .-= jorgekafkazar´s last blog ..Tenirax, Ch V =-.

  • I’m just the opposite: my computers seem to last longer than the crappy cars I end up with!
    .-= Elizabeth West´s last blog ..A Little Naughty… =-.

  • I would like to contribute again. Please send me the PayPal acct access.

    George Hunt

    I am staying very busy with my clients in England. Writing about 16,000 words a week.

  • Anne

    I’m still in the pc world… mac’s are lovely and I’ve used them in the past… I’m upgrading speed, memory and bitting the bullet with windows 7. Wish I could drive my computer as long as I drive my car which now has 218,000 miles on it more or less.

  • Anne

    I had to look that up! I’m not quite at that point, but close and my hard drive is making tired sounds.

  • Good luck 🙂 Every day, I find myself wanting to defenestrate mine (I’m so excited to have finally been able to use that in a sentence!) when I wake it up from sleep. Hopefully, thanks to my in-house tech support, that will be fixed over Easter, woohoo!
    .-= Lucy Smith´s last blog ..Five ways I conquer my weaknesses =-.

  • Congratulations on the new computer, and best luck that everything works out properly. I’m getting a new computer in the next couple of weeks-I’m finally getting a Mac-a MacBook Pro to be exact. I am sooooo excited! What kind of a computer did you get?

  • Hey, good luck with that new computer. I need to dump this old bag too… but you know.. the musty aroma is so nice. 😀
    .-= Roy Daniel DSilva´s last blog ..Home Office Tips: Making Your Own Website =-.

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