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5 Blogs About Taxes – Resource Roundup Tuesday

Freelance Writers and TaxesTaxes! It was Ben Franklin who said “Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Unless you prepared in advance, the April 15 deadline may feel like it’s looming.

Here are 5 blogs to help you sort out this year and prepare for next:

  1. TaxGirl – Kelly and I blogged at b5 media back in the day. She’s fun, she knows her stuff and is way more than a decent writer. Plus she’s kind.
  2. About.com’s guide to taxes, William Perez, provides way more than most of us ever want to know, but when we need to, this is a good source.
  3. Consumerism Commentary, a blog about personal finance has a section on taxes that answers all sorts of questions, usually briefly.
  4. Eye on the IRS is a part of BankRate.com run by Kay Bell. Again, a ton of helpful info here.
  5. Kay Bell also has her own blog, Don’t Mess With Taxes.
  6. Okay, I just found this one: Avoid the Audit: Six Red Flags That’ll Put You in Tax Purgatory

My own experience is that if I put x% from every paycheck into a special tax savings account, I’m in good shape for both quarterlies and the April 15 deadline. I let my tax guy figure out exactly what that x% is, and go from there.

I use Ing Direct for most of my savings.

Are you ready for April 15th this year?


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  • Thanks for the kind words, Anne!

  • Tracey

    I’m going to H & R Block tomorrow. Actually, I don’t make enough money to pay taxes, but I have to fill out a tax form to prove that I don’t have to fill out a tax form. Isn’t that logical? Every state and federal agency in existence wants to see my taxes so that I can prove that I’m broke.

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