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Who Am I To Write A Novel? Videos About Writing

Reassuring words form Susan Isaacs about writing a novel, with some tips.

So, are you writing a novel? Do you want to?


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  • Nice video, worth watching. I’d like to see more of Anne, though. Maybe get a friend to shoot something with a good camera. One with a lens instead of the fragment of a Coke bottle most webcams use.
    .-= jorgekafkazar´s last blog ..Tenirax, Ch V =-.

    • Anne

      Actually putting together a video class on getting a book written. You’d have a giggle at my “studio.”

      • I’m sitting here grinning at the very thought. This sounds great! If you need any minor help, let me know.
        .-= jorgekafkazar´s last blog ..Tenirax, Ch V =-.

        • Anne

          My video editor called yesterday and asked if she could put something in one that would explain MzTiz’s tale wafting around for a few seconds… well first she wanted me to reshoot, but I like the idea of my cat in an occasional video… comic relief and what-have-you. And yeah, I finally had to get an editor.

          Thanks for the offer.

  • I’ve written three. One was a trunk novel I wrote in high school (I tried to rewrite it in college but it stunk even worse), one is fanfiction and only my family was allowed to read that one, and the third is a rewrite of the second as a mainstream crime thriller. I’m querying that one and starting on the sequel, and pecking out bits of another. I kind of want to do this for a living. 🙂

    There’s some good stuff here and there in the first one, but good Lord, I knew NOTHING at that age. I was trying to write about adults and I wasn’t even close.
    .-= Elizabeth West´s last blog ..A Little Naughty… =-.

    • Anne

      But you were writing – that’s the real point.

  • Glad to know I don’t have to be a glamazon to write a novel. I am almost finished with my first YA fantasy. The critiques were good on the first two chapters and I am eager to finish and send it out into the world.

    • Anne

      You know, we’ve gotten such a warped idea of what people look like from movies, network news, etc. The Bits have a much more realistic view of people than we do.

  • I definetly want to write a novel someday. But I want to get things rolling with my biz first, aka: working from home full time. Nice vid though 😀
    .-= Christopher´s last blog ..8 Ways to Become a Savvy Buyer =-.

  • Yes, I am! I started writing a Young Adult novel and am almost finished with chapter 1. I participate in the Creative Copy Challenge, and I was encouraged to keep going with my story. I didn’t plan to turn it into a novel, but it’s head that way. I’m happy to report that chapter 1 will be coming to a close. I entered a short story contest from a bookstore in Arizona, and I’m contemplating turning my short story into a young adult novel. Now, I have to schedule my projects because I’m cleaning up my teleplay and have other ideas for feature films and documentaries. Whew! That’s a lot of writing 🙂
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Writers Enter Writer’s Digest 79th Writing Competition =-.

    • Anne

      Yes, it is a lot of writing, which, of course, is what we do! Congrats.

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