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Freelance Writers Benefit From Professional Organizations

[tuesday]Freelance writers can benefit tremendously from professional organizations.

Far more than clubs, professional organizations can provide solid information about your craft and marketing. They can help relieve isolation. They can provide job leads and leads to agents. In some cases they even offer group health insurance which can save you a ton of money.

There are I don’t know how many professional organizations for freelance writers. Many are local, most are country wide and some are international.

The Author’s Guild is big, and hugely influential. For example, the Authors Guild v. Google Settlement has made a large impact on freelance writer’s rights. You’ll find their eligibility and dues information here.

The National Writers Union is a favorite of mine. They led in Tasini v. The NY Times which secured digital rights for freelance writers. Membership information for the NWU is here.

The Freelancers Union is a relatively new organization. It’s not limited to writers, but open to all who freelance. Membership is free and it’s worth at least taking a look at.

Now, there are hundreds of other organizations for writers and editors. Here are links to lists:

You’ll find some duplication on the lists – once you get there try using your browser’s search function to find your specialty.

For organizations in your area try a web search. Check local newspaper listings. Ask people. You may get lucky.


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  • Anne, I totally agree that joining professional organizations is invaluable. I belong to the local chamber of commerce and its young professionals program, a weekly breakfast networking group called BNI, the Professional Women’s Network of Southern California, and the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau. I’ve found all of these to be great resources for leads and just generally getting to know people. Since my clients are mainly businesses, not publications, these groups are some of my main sources for leads. Plus, it’s fun to get involved in the community 🙂

    My blog: http://www.thestrategiccommunicationsmaven.com

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