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The Freelance Writer’s Resume – Ask Anne The Pro Writer

Ask Anne The Pro WriterHi Anne,

I am new to freelance writing. This morning a potential client asked for my resume. It may sound stupid, but is that my working resume or a writing resume?

Enjoy your newsletter very much.

Thank You,


Hi A.M.,

Congratulations on getting someone interested in your freelance writing skills enough so they ask for your resume.   That’s a good first step.

If you remember that the reason anyone hires a writer is because they have a problem a writer can solve which resume to send becomes clear.  The client hopes you can do the writing they need so they really are only interested in your writing credits. Your work resume, no matter how impressive, is really not important to them.

The exception would be if it contains lots about writing you’ve done in-house. Even then you’d want to excerpt the writing details for your writing credit list.

I use a credit list rather than a resume because the client isn’t a bit interested in when I did the writing. They want to know what I’ve written and often they want to see it.

That’s why I so strongly believe every writer should have their own website – that way you can put links to things you’ve written as I do on my credit list. You can also include copies of articles or portions of books or whatever that don’t appear online right on your own website.

As your writing career develops you’ll probably find you like one type of writing more than others and want to begin to specialize. Then you can begin to shape your credit list to feature the kind of writing you really want to do.

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