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5 Freelance Writing Posts I’m Glad I’ve Written

I’ve been writing about freelance writing on the ‘net for what seems like ages. My resume suggests it’s more like nine or ten years, which is certainly quite a long time  in cyber-time.

Because there are some changes coming in this blog I took a look this morning at some of the posts about the whole business of freelance writing that I’m particularly glad I wrote. These aren’t the only ones I like, just the first group of six:

  1. How Much Of Your Writing Income Do You Save? I probably like this today because I’ve actually done much of my freelance writing without a savings account. Now that I’ve got one I love it. It’s my own safety net and a great friend in negotiations.
  2. Yes! You’re Entitled To A Profit Seems obvious doesn’t it? But it’s not always and often I have to remind myself of this fact.
  3. 10 Ways To Break Up Writer’s Block or Writer’s Anxiety – Although I don’t really believe in writer’s block, I do have times when I seem to jam up in my writing. These tips help.

  4. How to Create an Invoice for Your Freelance Writing Clients – Actually, the reason I’m including this one is because it always draws traffic.
  5. Cold Calling Tips for Freelance WritersNo, I don’t like cold calling much either, but it works. These tips will help; I promise.

These aren’t the only posts I’m glad I’ve made. Do you have a favorite post of mine?

Tell us about it.


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  • Anne, maybe I’ve missed it because I haven’t been reading you all that long, but do you have a post on how to do a writing resume? Would that be different from a regular resume for, say, a secretary position? I’m not sure how to go about putting one together, especially since the only thing I have to put on it is my blog and one story that got published in my school literary mag. Thanks.
    .-= Elizabeth West´s last blog ..Patience =-.

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