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Blogger, Pay & Believable Opinions – Ask Anne The Pro Writer

Questions about freelance writingHi Anne,

Long-time reader of your site – love it!

I recently lost my job in a massive corporate layoff. I’ve been blogging about my job search over the last 2 weeks.

A person contacted me saying that he likes my writing and is interested in me blogging about his new job search site with the emphasis being on my true experience with his site.

Now, I want to be compensated for my work, but his “partner” wonders how they can pay me and still get readers to believe I am an unbiased opinion.

I have nothing to gain – or lose – from writing my true opinion I get paid the same (SMALL) amount. The blog would be posted on my personal site and cross-posted to their site.

Do you have any ideas about how to handle this?



Hi SC,

Glad you like the blog.

Sounds to me like the “partner” is trying to get out of paying anything to anyone.

Although I’m tempted to suggest you shout “do you think the author’s of Consumer Reports write for free?” that’s probably not the best approach.

I doubt if there’s any logical case you can make that will work. You could, I suppose, point out that all the bloggers over at About.com get paid and many readers trust them. That might work if the “partner” trusts About.com. Not everyone does. Even my son doesn’t and didn’t when I was writing for them.

You could gently point out that both review magazines and review sites are often paid.

Stand pat with your fee. If they don’t hire you it’s probably just as well.

And btw, congratulations on getting attention with your blog. What’s the link?



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  • You all are gonna love this.

    I posted my first commentary about their job search site – it was simply an honest look at my experience so far. (You can read about it on my wordpress blog.) Their response? Something along the lines of: “It was a helpful post but my partners aren’t ready to put our baby under a microscope. I guess I tried to get things going too soon. Let’s kill the project.”

    And the project ends with not a bang but a whimper. I did get paid for the post, but honestly, I charged so little that the end result was me feeling I wasted a lot of time on this. Live and learn indeed.

    • Anne

      Bless your heart… you may have done way more good than you’ll ever know. If you learned, and I know you did, it wasn’t exactly a waste of time.

  • Sara

    I’m SC and as of today, the “partner” still has “reservations.” I’m losing patience. I agreed to write one post and be paid for one post and then move forward based on “how the partner feels.” I’ll keep you all posted.

    – Sara

    • Anne

      Sara, good for you for getting paid… and for getting impatient. Let us know how this works out.

  • Right on Carol! Times are changing with regards to blogging. Here’s a link http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm for SC and anyone else who has any questions. Also, inform your client about the use of photos.
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..How to Use Facebook to Grow Any Business =-.

  • Both SC and his prospective client should know that by law now, if he receives compensation for his work he must disclose that fact in the review, or if he received any services from the site in exchange for the review.

    Everyone has to do this now or face possible lawsuits from readers who feel misled…so SC should tell his client these type of disclosures are common, and that writers still need to eat.

    Carol Tice
    Make a Living Writing blog:
    .-= Carol Tice´s last blog ..Query Don’ts =-.

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