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8 Non-Writing Blogs To Get You Out Of A Rut – Resource Roundup Tuesday

Freelance writer in a rutAs a freelance writer you need to stay out of ruts. My father, years ago, passed along the bromide that “a rut is a grave with both ends kicked out.”

The best way to get out of a rut is to do something different. Reading different blogs is not only a way out of a rut, but can be plain fun and informative.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Successful (and outstanding) Blog(gers) – Liz Strauss is a hoot, and a heck of a business women who generously shares I think every single thing she knows and learns. Plus she’s fun.
  2. WebWorkerDaily has a tag line of “rebooting the workforce.” I would say this blog is about business and technology. Although a lot of it is office based, they are careful to include freelancers quite often. You can pick up hints on all sorts of work related tech here.
  3. jonathanfields – awake at the wheel – Jonathan is hard to define. Entrepreneur fits, so does father and husband.  He’s written a book called Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love which is certainly worth a read. The thing, however, I like most about him is his attitude of service. He truly wants to know how he can help and seems to have few preconceived ideas about how to do that.
  4. IttyBiz –  Naomi Dunford is wonderfully fey about business and life. Her blog entries almost always make good sense; she offers lots of free stuff – what’s not to like?
  5. DumbLittleManStarted by Jay White who quickly added a nice handful of other writers, this is one of those blogs you’ll love part of the time and wonder why you bothered other times. I mean what can you really say about a blog that has both 10 Amazing Life Lessons You Can Learn From Albert Einstein and 9 Great Reasons to Drink Water, and How to Form the Water Habit? Except that it’s worth following at least part of the time.
  6. Seth Godin’s Blog – Why is he always looking up at his bald head? Never mind. Seth’s view of marketing and life can kick you out of any rut in a hurry. His books are good too.
  7. Frog Blog is about marketing with a delightfully skewed or creative view. Is The American Dream Dead? isn’t exactly marketing, but worthwhile none-the-less; Creativity Is Messy | Creatives Can Be Cranky
  8. ZenHabits – Creator Leo Babauta says this blog is about simple productivity. That seems limiting to me, although I suppose anything that helps us live simply and fully also is productive. In many ways, this is a blog I wish I’d thought of.

Whew. I usually only list four or five resources on Tuesday… got a bit carried away.

What’s your favorite non-writing website?


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  • Nice list Anne. I’m subscribed to a few of these myself. I’m going to check out the other ones as well. Here’s a few I read on a regular basis.

    chrisbrogan.com is pretty good for anyone that is into social media.

    freelancefolder.com is good for freelancers

    danzarella.com is cool because it’s very statistical as far as social media stats go. Pretty interesting.

    I have plenty more but I thought I would throw these in there for ya.

    .-= Christopher´s last blog ..From Working For Someone to Working For Yourself =-.

    • Anne

      Lol, I know freelancefolder of course… now I’ll have to check out the other two you list. Thanks.

  • Nice Choices Anne. I already subscribe to four of these, so I can vouch for the quality of the sites.

    • Anne

      Thanks John… high praise from you.

  • Hi Anne,

    Thanks for including me in such great company! Just the shot in the arm I needed to get past a bit of writers block…

    .-= Fred H Schlegel´s last blog ..Is The American Dream Dead? =-.

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