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Try Again – Quotes To Inspire Writers

Quotes to inspire writers

It is not the fact that you fall down, nor how fast you get up, but the fact that you do, in fact, get up.

Author unknown, submitted by Kathleen L.

Thanks Kathleen.


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  • Tersha

    Today i am working on one of my future published books. I have found that working on a word processor is better as i can then focus on the writing and not the internet

  • Tersha

    I know it sounds yummy and hearty for my tummy

  • Tersha

    The house is enveloped with the wintry aroma of stove top bubbling chicken noodle soup. mmmh, i can taste the flavour in the smell. I am really cooking chicken noodle soup because i am a bit under the weather

  • Tersha

    Tersha says this from time to time. I also say “Take a moment to really, i mean really taste the fruit, let it take you back to when you tasted it first, do you remember?”

  • Tersha

    Take time to smell the fruit you eat

    • Anne

      Who said this, Tersha? Or where does it come from?

  • jorgekafkazar

    Or there’s also the maxim: “If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.”–Steven Wright.

    • Anne

      oh my, I know the feeling… don’t do it any more, but…

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