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Friday Fun For Freelance Writers

Freelance WritingThis week I want to introduce you to a new contest and a website. The site is Publetariati and it’s for the independent publisher who chooses that option, not as a last resort, but because they want more control over their book and their profits. April L. Hamilton and her crew do an outstanding job.

It’s also a year old and in honor of that, they are having a party – well, a celebration anyway.

Publetariati is celebrating with a writing contest – they want a short essay or blog post about self or independent publishing. You post it on your blog then send them the link.

All the rules and prizes are listed on their site… read the rules first. It’s just like following the directions on a job posting.

It’s worth doing and the deadline is closer than you think – March 6, 2010.

Of course, we’ve also got CreativeCopyChallenge #16. It’s a hoot reading the others and David, Sean and Shane usually comment on each one. They are truly supportive.

Enjoy the weekend.


Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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  • Aren’t Dave, Sean & Shane the best? They make the whole challenge a lot of fun. I’m going to try to get there this afternoon or maybe tomorrow. Their site is one that definitely does not feel like work!

    Have a great weekend, all!
    .-= Cathy Miller´s last blog ..Avoiding Social Media Oops =-.

    • Anne

      I think they are wonderful too.

    • Cathy, thanks for that. We appreciate it and it makes it worth the effort. And, I’m having fun with this idea more than you can imagine. It’s the best thing to happen to my besides my wife and kids. Really is something I’m proud of. The sense of community is great too. What a great bunch of creative writers we have.

      • And you should be proud! You’re right, it is a great community. Thanks
        for sharing the inspiration.

  • Thanks again, Anne. You’re one of the most supportive fans we have. We’re so glad you found is (and visa versa).

    • Anne

      You’re more than welcome.

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