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Would You Use A Forum Here? A Survey

Freelance Writing SurveyNo promises, but I’ve been considering starting a forum here again. They do take a bit of work, which I’m happy to do if people are really interested.

I also understand that it takes a bit of work to participate in one.

Hence a four question survey for you – just go to this link:

Would You Use A Forum About Freelance Writing Here?



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  • Not sure if my response was recorder as I haven’t seen it in results, so I am copy-pasting it here.

    Good and safe forum platform is essential. Speaking from experience, if technical side is not transparent to those members who don’t want to learn technicalities of participating (those are majority, trust me!) – the forum will not have a chance to succeed.

    The social aspect is another issue here, if a forum is empty or low-volume – participation will suffer. It takes a lot of effort to make it interesting for everyone, yet keep people at socially acceptable levels of behavior. I have created and moderated a number of forums years ago, so I kind of know what happens on top and under the sheets.

    However, with proliferation of social networks the whole idea of forums sort of died away. Maybe you should consider something more social – group on Facebook or your own social network? I’m not saying these are my populars, but since people are there already they might find it easier to participate and maybe even will appreciate the extra step you went for them.
    .-= Vlad (Small Business Blog)´s last blog ..Google Superbowl Commercial =-.

    • Anne

      hmmm, Vlad, good points… I wonder if a facebook group or even a social network would do what I’d like to see happen… I’d like a place where new writers and others feel free to ask questions, where writers other than me are answering questions… and generally have a supportive place for writers to chat… not in real time… we’re all over the world, but virtually like in a forum – forums are easy to set up, so is a facebook group altho I don’t like facebook much. Are their plugins for local social networks? Has to be easy for me too.

  • I think you should go for it, a family unit, yeah go for it
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..How To Get My Site Popular Quickly? =-.

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