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Ready To Let Those Excuses Go?

no excuses for freelance writersLast week I somehow got to Jeffrey Tang’s The Art Of Great Things. specifically to his post 10 Excuses I’ve Used Up This Month.

As you’ll see when you read his post he also challenges his readers to list 10 excuses they are using  and then stop using them for the month!

I loved the notion of busting myself about my excuses!

Here are the excuses I posted just five days ago:

Let’s see, arghhh – just got back from the gym and it’s after 4 – oh, there’s the first excuse:

1- I get stupid after 4 p.m.
2- I don’t want to go; it’s dark and cold outside.
3- But I don’t understand facebook (can you hear the whine?)
4- Paying bills this month scares me because a check hasn’t arrived yet – yeah, I have enough money, but….
5- But if I stop going there where will I find spiritual community?
6- But my car (218,000 miles!) is paid for… I don’t want payments. (Another whine.)
7- I can’t drive that far in my old car.
8- I’ll just eat one more cookie (a whole box full – have stopped that for the moment, but I don’t trust myself.)
9- I’m too old.
10-It will take too much time from writing – I can use this almost anytime and it’s usually bogus

what a great idea… a wonderful meme to start… going to use the same idea over at my blog and give you credit of course.


I’ve already used the first one several times… and it is true that I go into a slump around 4 p.m. Might have something to do with getting up at 5 a.m., getting older or… To tell you the whole truth I’m not sure I want to let this one go.

But number 3? I’ve been using Facebook a bit; no I don’t understand it, but that’s rarely stopped me in other areas.

Number 4? I realized I’ve been waiting for a largish check from a client that’s been delayed. Now that I’ve identified what’s going on, the fear is gone, mostly.

I think that’s exactly what Jeffery had in mind; admit your excuses and you’ve busted yourself in a way that allows for change.

Of course, this has all sorts of application for freelance writers. That check that hasn’t arrived? Since I won’t work when pay doesn’t arrive that has freed me up to do some marketing I’ve been postponing. That’s how the Facebook thing came up.

Thinking about the car excuse actually opened my mind to a couple of other things I want which, in turn, is spurring me on to attract another couple of clients or so.

Is this magic? Maybe. Or maybe just the way our human minds work.

What excuses would you like to let go of this month?


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  • My excuse for not getting my daily walk is I moved from San Diego to Boise, ID and it’s cold outside.

    Seeing how Boise has had a pretty mild winter (it’s been in the low 50s the last couple of weeks), I think that’s pretty lame. Especially since I did my walking on the beaches of Encinitas & its winter has simular temperatures!
    .-= Cathy Miller´s last blog ..Remember the Point of Your Business =-.

    • Anne

      I don’t know, Cathy. Beach walking is totally different than land walking… I’d feel colder in Boise too I’m sure.

  • Kathleen

    . Opps I hit the wrong button ?
    #2 — It’s too cold to go work in my studio (so I try to sit in the house and write… around my kids and hubby, hence I’m not getting as much editing and writing done as I should be getting done.)

    #3 — My writing takes time away from my family and they get jealous… so I need to find some ME TIME to get it done…. — Okay… this one is in the works of being won over. Got the hubby a laptop to keep him busy; got the kids a used desktop to share… now… I have to either bring my desktop out ti the living room too or get another laptop … humm … see only one more hurdle.

    I loved Kathryn’s responce! your brain will not explode… I’m still laughin’

  • Kathleen

    My 1st — oh but I can’t keep these extra pounds on… I need to get to another workout. (Okay, so I’ve been a bit obsessive with this one for a while now… but last year I put on an EXTRA 10 lbs due to a bit of heart surgery and not being able to work out… so now that I am Healthier I am trying to take advantage of my new burst of energy.)

  • My excuse for this month is only indirectly related to writing. I joined Weight Watchers this week and while the food/eating will probably not be a problem, I use work and family as an excuse to not get enough exercise. So the excuse I will be letting go of is the one where I say I can’t get a workout or walk in because I have to work.
    .-= Deb Ng´s last blog ..Why We Don’t Post “Warnings” at Freelance Writing Jobs =-.

    • Anne

      Oh I know that one… both of them in fact except I only have a cat at home 😉

  • I didn’t see the problem with #6 until I read #7. You crack me up. 🙂

    Honestly, I get stupid after 4 pm, too. I get up at 7. Sometimes the brain just says “No! No! I’m not doing ANY more!” And Jenn’s right – tea time. It’s a great way to recharge. My husband’s taken to making scones these days, too. 🙂
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..Snow Day =-.

    • Anne

      Scones! Wonder if MzTiz could be talked into making scones. Are you up to your chin in snow? Power holding up okay?

      • Snow to the armpits. 72 inches and the last of it was the wet, heavy stuff. It’s gorgeous, but oh my lord!
        .-= Lori´s last blog ..Snow Day =-.

        • Anne

          Of course, being a total weather wuss snow days, even rain days… heck even it’s to sunny days make perfect sense to me.

  • Jenn

    I can help with the 4pm problem. That is tea time. Have a nice cup of tea and some cookies and you will be ready to take on the world again.

    • Anne

      Actually, Jenn, by 4 I’ve usually put in more than 8 hours of real work and am more than happy to give it up for awhile… tea does, however help on the evenings I go to class. Thanks

  • 1. I don’t know how.

    I’ve had to learn a lot of new things this past month and I have found out that I can indeed learn still and no my brain won’t explode…
    .-= Kathryn Pless´s last blog ..Seeing the Other Side of the Page =-.

    • Anne

      Good one!

    • Anne

      lol, yeah, know the feeling, both the fear and the realization it won’t explode.

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