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How To Improve Your Writing 2 – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]There are lots of good resources for improving your writing on the web. The first How To Improve Your Writing has some great ones, and all the links still work.

Here are 5 more good ones:

  1. Deb Ng, the creator of FreelanceWritingGigs.com has a whole section called Article Writing Tips. Bookmark this one – there’s a ton of good stuff about writing here.
  2. Over at AllFreelanceWriting.com Jenn has a section called Specialties. Not every article there is a How To about writing, but many are – another bookmark.
  3. We all have grammar questions occasionally. That’s why I’ve bookmarked QuickandDirtyTips by Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty. Much more than grammar tips here. You’ll find style tips, word use info and all sorts of other things. Some of them are even fun.
  4. Allena Tapia has a category she calls The Mechanics of Writing, a Guide to the Process of Writing Well. I haven’t read them all, but there’s some interesting stuff here.
  5. At Poynter Online Roy Peter Clark has a regular column called Writing Tools. Everything I’ve read there has helped my writing. I’ll bet it will for you too.

What’s your favorite resource to help you improve your writing?


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