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Amazon Settles With BookLocker

self publishing for freelance writersYou may already know this, but on January 20 Angela Hoy published Amazon Backs Down; Settles Antitrust Lawsuit Filed By BookLocker.

Essentially, in addition to paying some cash and attorney fees, Amazon agreed not to discriminate against any Booklocker books.

That’s great news for Angela, and I want to congratulate her.

But the suit never got certified as a class action suit which means every pod publisher is on their own, and, unfortunately some  caved to Amazon’s demand that they print with Amazon’s Company, BookSurge; which is now CreateSpace.

That’s a potential problem for a couple of reasons. The most troublesome is that it gives Amazon both ends of the deal, printing and selling – it has huge potential for monopoly. Indeed, Amazon acted that way when it tried to insist Booklooker print with Amazon’s BookSurge  if they were to sell at Amazon.

Of course, Lighteningsource, the outfit that is really part of book distributors Ingram – a must-have distributor – is now hooked up with Lulu.com as one of their POD resources along with a whole bunch of others including CreateSpace.

It’s a zoo out there isn’t it?

But that’s not surprising. Publishing is still lucrative, particularly when you can charge authors to print their own books.

Self-publishing can work for writers, but only if they understand they must market.

None-the-less, Angela and her suit went a long way toward keeping some of this honest. It’s up to us to do the rest by not only reading agreements with POD companies if we use them, but understanding them as well.

Do you self-publish?


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