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Can I Send An Unpublished Clip? Ask Anne The Pro Writer

Ask Anne The Pro WriterDear Anne,

I’ve been following your blog for awhile and really appreciate the info you share.

My partner met an editor of a regional magazine recently and the editor mentioned that he was looking for someone to write an article about a subject I am knowledgeable about.

My partner mentioned this to the editor who then gave him his card and told him I should send him a clip.

I thought I would just send him an unpublished article I wrote a couple years ago and mention that to him-that it is unpublished and that I wrote it a couple years ago (there are somethings that would need to be updated if it were to be published). I am also not sure if I should send him the article as if I were querying for him to publish it, because my impression is that he already may have ideas on what he wants, but he wants to see a clip just to see a sample of my writing, although I cannot be sure about this.

I would appreciate any suggestions you might have on this matter.

Thanks very much!


Hi MK,

I’m glad you find this blog useful!

When you’ve got a direct contact like that I wouldn’t worry too much that the clip isn’t published. Send the article with a note that says something cheerful like I never found a home for this one…

Make sure your note also tells the editor he met your partner… something like this:

Dear (Name),

You met my partner, (name), at (where) last week. I was delighted when my partner returned with your card and an invitation to send a clip.

Attached is an article I never found a home for.

I gather you need an article or two on (subject). I’ve (then a brief description of why you’re an expert) and would be delighted to talk with you about your needs.


Make sure you include your phone, email and if you’ve got one in the proper area, your website.

Contacts like these are golden.

If you’re brave you could even call him explaining the meeting and asking him if this is a good time to talk about what he needs… if it is, great; if it isn’t, he’ll repeat his request for a clip or two and your back to the original plan.

Good luck. Let us know how it works out.



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