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Friday Fun For Freelance Writers


CreativeCopyChallenge is at it again with Creative Copy Challenge #8 and it is fun even though I did this challenge yesterday or the day before. How the days run together 😉

Although I’m loving their challenges and I suspect you will too, my intention with Friday Fun isn’t to lean exclusively on them.

Fun comes in many many ways.

A long-term favorite of mine is Orisinal. No that’s not my spelling

The creator, known as Ferry Halim, lives in Clovis, California. I think of Clovis as farming country and indeed it is. But Ferry is a flash genius.

Orisinal is a collection of over 50 flash games and they are charming as well as challenging. I’ve played them on my own and with my grand kids.

Every so often a new game appears on the site.

Of course, I’ve got my favorite. It’s Bubble Bees. I also like Winter Bells and several others.

If you want to mount a challenge let me know and I’ll play.


Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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