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What’s On Your Desk?


I can’t get my digital camera to work.

Here’s what’s on my desk at the moment:

  • an empty tea cup
  • a half full coffee cub
  • a statue of Ganesha and a glass tray under it
  • Receipts I need to put in the proper place
  • A reminder of my next chiropractic appointment
  • A letter from my accountant reminding me what I need to bring when we do my taxes
  • Speakers
  • A polished geode I use as a coaster.
  • My moniter
  • My keyboard
  • Telephone headset
  • Two pens
  • My signed copy of Illuminate: Harnessing the Positive Power of Negative Thinking
  • A stack of new and used CDs
  • My permanent (paper) address book
  • The phone
  • Printer

  • stack of books to hold my video cam at the right height for taking videos for upcoming class on getting your book written
  • dollar bill
  • envelope from the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art containing my membership card
  • the notebook I use for my mastermind book
  • box of tissues
  • paperclip holder
  • and a stack of miscellaneous papers I need to do something with 😉

Okay, it’s your turn. What’s on your desk?


Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilian, found at http://www.sxc.hu/profile/nkzs

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  • Generally on my desk always put a bunch of books, and lap, but in some cases I put the cup of coffee.

  • I keep a box of brown sugar in my desk – I put some in my oatmeal every morning.What’s something unusual that you keep in your desk?

  • Anne: Just this morning I visited commentluv’s site. At least in my case, I had to re-enter my url and it was reset. Success! I should have gone to the source in the 1st place. Duh… 🙂

    Thanks, Anne!
    .-= Cathy Miller´s last blog ..Write With Your Ears =-.

  • Oh, of course I left that comment and now suddenly, with that comment, it has started to work?? Cyber gnomes!
    .-= Paula Swenson´s last blog .. =-.

  • trying this again and I still am getting the say rejection from comment luv–I sent you an email message with the actual error message about a week ago. It worked fine until I changed my website. 🙁

    • I am having the same problem with comment luv– not working at all, and I redid it twice, but no link to my blog 🙁
      .-= Paula Swenson´s last blog .. =-.

      • Anne

        What does commentluv say about it?

  • I never heard of phone meetings, but then I never smoked. I’d try it to curb my bad eating habits but I’d probably end up with a missing phone! 🙂

    P.S. Anne–any idea why comluv is not liking my feed? I’m not feeling the love-or-luv. 🙁

    • Anne

      No clue why comment luv isn’t working for you… suggest you redo it at your end and see what happens.

      Phone meetings can be great… lots of 12 Step programs have them – you can locate them from the 12 step group’s home page.

  • Sarah

    Aw, I wish I had a nice list to give you all. My old, slow desktop that I use for storing digital music and playing the occasional computer game is on my actual desk. It’s very small and crowded so I “work” from my laptop in the dining room. (I use the word “work” lightly because, sadly, I haven’t been doing much these days.)

    On my end of the table sits my laptop on Built case, a used tissue, my wireless mouse, coffee cup, and water bottle, and a button that popped off my husbands jacket the other day. I’m embarrassed to say how much junk is on the other end of the table–a few books, hats and gloves, a few leftover Christmas items that didn’t get put away with the other stuff, two gift bags with Christmas candy, a stinky candle (Christmas gift), pen box, digital camera, empty bag from Gap, a few napkins, and a pile of Coke rewards.

    • Anne

      I quit cigarettes two years ago… a bit more now… did it through phone meetings at Nicotine-anonymous.org… was awful for about 2-3 weeks.

  • Sharon

    • My iMac laptop
    • A tall brass lamp wearing a golden-lined black shade.
    • Beneath it, an oval bamboo pencil holder.
    • A wooden flip picture frame listing my finer qualities.
    • My speaker phone. A tad of folded paper tucked in the cradle keeps the charge.
    • My planner rests on its clear acrylic holder. Two slots under it hold my note pad.
    • My 5x 8 yellow-lined flip writing pad. I luuuv it’s firm covers.
    • Behind it, the step file I’d covered long ago with green and orange tropical cotton.
    • Files of solid green and files of lavish green paisley disguise packets of sales projects.
    • Of course, my palm charger, and my phone sit waiting.
    • And then, and then, there’s the pack of cheap cigarettes. I always think I’m going to quit.

  • Noelle

    My desk doubles as the kids homework station, so here goes:
    –my laptop
    –a small bucket of my pens, pencils, etc.
    –an old clementine box filled with the kids’ crayons, scissors, glue, etc.
    –a stack of school papers that need to be sorted through
    –a lamp
    –an overflowing “in” box (a basket, really)
    –my cell phone
    –a hairbrush
    –several scraps of paper leftover from an art project
    –bills to be filed
    –a toddler sock (the other one is in here somewhere)
    –a stack of library books
    –a pretty little carboard box with paper clips, stamps, staples, a few hair ties and clips
    –a bottle of lotion
    –a notebook
    –paper snowflakes (see “scraps of paper” above)

    I used to try to keep the desk organized, but with the constant flux of school papers and projects, I decided it will just always be a work in progress. (I have a smaller computer table that I use if I really need a clean surface).

  • Pretty good technique, Jorge. By telling us we probably wouldn’t read it, you guaranteed we would.

    I can’t decide which one is my favorite — the paperback Gutenberg Bible or the postcard from Oswald. (Shouldn’t you have given that to some investigating commission along the way? They may have a way to read that date.) And do I need to look up some of those words, or did you just make them up?
    .-= Cheryl B´s last blog ..2010 – Same ol’, same ol’? =-.

    • Cheryl: I assumed (erroneously) that all the readers would have fallen asleep reading about other people’s trivial stuff before they got to my really, really important detritus. The words are mostly real: Triploons are 50% bigger than doubloons. They are legal tender only in Timbukthree, which explains why you’ve never heard of them. They are not exchangeable for quadroons. You can google the obscure Dyson Instrument Company, but I’ll save you the trouble:


      There are, indeed, snoods. I made up the word “antiquities” from whole cloth.
      .-= jorgekafkazar´s last blog ..Tenirax, Ch V =-.

  • Based on the above, I’m not laboring under the illusion that anyone will read this eftsoon, but here goes: Tall brass lamp. Empty See’s molasses chips tray. Coaster. Eye drops. Lotion. Bactine. Flashlight. Manacles. Antacid. Battery charger & batteries. Small wooden box with Celtic knot. Cologne. Sign: “stay focused.” Dagoba chocolate drops. Stuffed dodo bird. Blogging timer (no battery.) Cell phone. Scientific calculator. Mata Hari’s last cigarette. Business cards. Lottery slips. Puzzle. Christmas card. Aloe. Five 3-1/2″ disks (why?). CPU & 24″ monitor. Stack of papers. Human skull. Four cans with 4″ rubber roller., 3 pr scissors, screwdriver, pens, dental mirror, plastic fork, pencils. Postcard from Lee Harvey Oswald postmarked Dallas, TX; date illegible. Carbon copy of “Mein Krampf,” a sequel to an earlier work of some sort. Color printer. Drawings from Melvin Dumar Institute of Technology (Utah) labeled “hydrogen fusion apparatus.” Laser printer. Gutenberg Bible, paperback edition. Catalogue: “Habib’s New & Used Antiquities, Cairo, 1947.” Bag of triploons. Electric sponge. Solar-powered cigar lighter. Electrodes stamped “Dyson Instrument Company.” Bear trap. Snood.
    .-= jorgekafkazar´s last blog ..Tenirax, Ch V =-.

    • Anne

      manacles? skull? postcard from lh oswald? Really? A carbon copy of Mein Kramph? Mein Kampf? And a carbon copy of anything! Okay, tell us about the Guenten Berg Bible… and the electric sponge… see someone is paying a bit of attention!

      • Okay, the manacles were rusty brown 19th century models, on sale in a shop on State Street, Santa Barbara.

        Ancient theologians and philosophers used to keep a skull on their desks as a “memento mori,” a reminder that we don’t have limitless time here. I’d rather not be reminded.

        The tattered carbon copy of “Mein Krampf,” when translated from the original German, turns out to be the journal of a woman named Eva, bitterly complaining about her dysfunctional boy friend, whom she compares to a really, really bad case of PMS.

        The paperback Gutenberg Bible was printed in 1469 on sulfite process paper. It is now a boxful of orangey-brown flakes, largely illegible. We only know it is a Gutenberg Bible from the label on the box: “Eine Gutenberg-Bibel, schlechte Verfassung.” I purchased it for $15 from Habib’s New & Used Antiquities, along with Captain Ahab’s actual, authentic harpoon.

        I made the electric sponge for a Christmas party cut-throat gift exchange. People actually “stole” the thing several times, passing up (among other things) a box of See’s chocolates. I made it from a new sponge and a replacement electric cord. The ultimate receiver must have had some mother-in-law. I don’t know who has it now. It’s not on my desk. I made that up.
        .-= jorgekafkazar´s last blog ..Tenirax, Ch V =-.

  • Well, if clutter is a sign of genius then I’m a virtual egghead. Here is goes, be prepared it’s long. Starting from left to right:

    My monitor sits on an old monitor stand from where I used to work. On to of it and surrounding my monitor are my Day Keeper, my DSL modem, the cords and jacks for my daughte’s iPod, old CD’s that she has burned and papers folded in half that I am constantly losing with notes of projects on them. My cell phone sits next to my keyboard with the headphone plugged into it. There are also 2 crochet hooks that I received as free gifts from Simplicity.com

    to the right of that and in between my printer and monitor stand sits my computer tower. It is wedged in there because my big orange tabby has kicked it off twice when he jumps off of it and it is sporting a lovely dent and crack on the top of the housings.

    Next is my printer that has a ream of paper, my Bible, my notebook and a washrag has somehow found its way onto the top of the pile. In front of the printer where the paper should come out is my bag of prescriptioins, my strong reading glasses, 2 empty water glasses and my coffee cup I just drank the last bit of coffee from.

    My desk has a cubby hold on the side that is stuffed full of reference books, notes of research and a binder full of printed research notes.

    All of this sits next to my naked Christmas tree that we have yet to store. Just yesterday I cleared some of the stuff off, but today it is starting to find its way back.
    .-= Kathryn Pless´s last blog ..Expanding My Horizons =-.

  • Since I simply can’t have a flat surface without putting stuff on it (seriously) I gave up on a desk! I use a notebook and have a small end table next to where I sit to work, so I guess that is my ‘desk’ — it currently has a curved, stand-up colored pencil holder with 30 colored pencils, a large mug with a tiny bit of tea left (sitting on a cork coaster) and one of my thumb drives. On the couch next to me (the rest of my ‘desk’) are a purple clipboard with some story notes, my mobile phone and a book of short stories. The best thing about this new arrangement (about 4 months now) is that I am forced to put everything away at the end of the day, which is keeping the clutter quotient way down!
    .-= Paula Swenson´s last blog .. =-.

  • There’s not much on my desk: coffee mug filled with tea, pen, credit card bill, laptop, mouse, and mouse pad. Clutter makes me anxious and it overwhelms me 🙂
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Building Business Relationships is like Dating =-.

  • Mine’s pretty clear at the moment (although it doesn’t sound like it) — try to keep the electronic goodies balanced a bit.

    – 2 monitors (desktop pc)
    – keyboard (desktop)
    – mouse, mousepad (desktop)
    – laptop
    – mouse, wrist rest (laptop)
    – phone
    – lamp
    – microphone
    – video camera, tripod (for video conferencing)
    – speakers
    – water fountain
    – 2 candles
    – 2 plants
    – index cards w/ today’s project notes
    .-= Jenn Mattern´s last blog ..5 Signs You’ve Landed a Great Freelance Writing Job =-.

  • Currently on my desk
    art books
    writing books
    a brush
    .-= Michelle Kafka´s last blog ..Synesthesia =-.

  • File folders
    Wire tray with tape, paper clips, rubber bands, SweetRiot chocolate and an I love Oberlin button.
    My computer
    A rock that says “Dare” on the bottom
    A wire cup full of pens and pencils
    Roget’s thesaurus
    More folders
    Thinkertoys (a book)
    A stapler
    A rolodex
    My phone
    Keyboard and mouse

    • Anne

      A book called Tinkertoys? Love it

  • Lord, here we go. I share a desk with my partner (web developer) and in theory we should have half each, but his stuff has a tendency to migrate. So the stuff that’s mine…
    InDesign tutorial book
    Magazine I just wrote an article for
    Glasses case
    Nail clippers/emery board (stops me biting)
    Empty chocolate bar wrapper
    Glasses lens cleaner/cloth
    Miscellaneous mail, for me, and for previous residents of this house.
    Stereo remote

    All the rest of it (includes hard drives, oh-so-many cables, antihistamines, bills – hehe) is not mine!

    • Anne

      That’s an excuse I’ll accept 😉

  • No, Cathy – it’s actually 2 weeks’ worth of “blow money” for my husband and me — a Dave Ramsey thing. But that’s not a bad idea!
    .-= Cheryl B´s last blog ..2010 – Same ol’, same ol’? =-.

    • Anne

      Love ‘blow’ money, and when it’s Ramsey it sure isn’t drugs… assume it’s a go have fun fund?

  • Cheryl B–are the 4 $20 bills to remind you to not accept less than that in hourly pay? 🙂

  • forgive typos–too much clutter in front of my keyboard. 😀

  • Here we go – frol left to right around my L-shaped desk:
    – my “When in Doubt Add More Wine” coaster
    – lighthouse memo cube with my name
    – Christmas catus plant (no longer blooming)
    – The Daily Book of Positive Quotations by Linda Picone with my “Dad” bookmark in memory of my Dad
    -glasses case
    -a toy rubber chair that holds a smiley face squeeze ball -you have to see it to appreciate it 🙂
    -a picture of Mom & Dad in a Brighton frame
    -pen & pencil holder
    -Notre Dame memo pad – Go Irish!
    -day planner
    -CA raisin & small stuffed koala bear on either side of my nameplate (for those days I need help knowing who I am)
    -Maxine small desk calendar–love Maxine!
    -box of kleenex
    It’s really not as crowded as it sounds. Most of the ‘stuff’ is on the perimeter of the desk, leaving me space to write & take notes. Oh, I forgot, the headset from my laptop to my ears for listening to soothing CDs. 🙂

  • Okay — I’ll bite! (Reminds me of a come-as-you-are party!) Also from right to left counter-clockwise:
    – box of tissues
    – flowery bound notepad
    – 3-hole punch
    – printing calculator
    – staple remover
    – letter opener
    – desk lamp
    – scotch tape holder
    – 4 $20 bills
    – stapler
    – ceramic pen holder
    – plastic box of personal papers to either file or act on, untouched for at least a week
    – 2 books waiting to be reviewed on my blog
    – cell phone
    – pedometer
    – a couple of project notes and/or ideas
    – bank deposit receipts
    – Mutual funds prospectus
    – steno pad
    – empty teacup
    – reading glasses
    – 4 ink pens (red, green, black, blue) scattered around desk
    – mini 3-sided 2010 calendar
    Obviously, somebody needs to clear off her desk at the end of the day, like she used to when she had a “real” job!
    .-= Cheryl B´s last blog ..2010 – Same ol’, same ol’? =-.

    • Anne

      yes! it is like a come-as-you-are party isn’t it.

  • You know, I cleared mine yesterday and it’s already starting to accumulate clutter again lol. I have (from top right anti-clockwise):

    – Digital camcorder
    – Receipt waiting to be processed
    – Bit of folded up paper – without looking I’ve no idea what this is
    – Webcam
    – 1 litre plastic bottle, empty
    – Envelope with digs money
    – Procrastinator’s Planner
    – Journal
    – Folder with bank statements etc
    – ‘Control Journal’ it’s a Flylady concept
    – Box file full of actionable items
    – 2 normal pens
    – 1 gel pen
    – I mechanical pencil
    – Skullcandy Headphones
    – Two mobile phones
    – Notepad with business scribblings

    Fyi, my desk itself is tiny 😉

  • Piles of unkempt papers and files – I know where everything is, but lord, the mess! Bills in front of my keyboard, chapstick to the left, hand lotion, a clock/pen holder my son gaveme, fishing line (swear to God), 1099s, and a jump drive and some hand sanitizer.
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..Say Aaaaahhh =-.

  • *computer
    *pack of cigarettes
    *cup of coffee

    I’m a minimalist. 🙂

    • Anne

      lol, you remind me of when I smoked… which wasn’t all that long ago… and you make me grateful.

      Minimalism is okay with me.

  • Mine’s suprisingly clear at the moment – I moved most of the crap onto the bed behind me as there was too much clutter in my field of vision for me to be able to concentrate.
    That leaves:
    – magazine holder with a few bits in
    – speakers and subwoofer
    – monitor
    – keyboard, mouse, and wireless receiver
    – printer
    – filing tray stack with all sorts of stuff to be filed away
    – cup
    – phone
    – wallet and coins
    – notepad
    – girlie ointments and creams, perfume and other stuff my missus uses when she comes in here in the morning to get ready for work.

    On a related note: this sheds some light
    .-= Gary´s last blog ..Burning Monk =-.

    • Anne

      Love the real title to the this sheds some light link… good shui-ing to you.

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