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Friday Fun For Freelance Writers

Ready for a break? Take a look at Creative Copy Challenge.

A project of Shane Arthur of Teaching Sells and Tubetorial, and also known as the unofficial proofreading sheriff of the Internet along  Sean Platt,  ghostwriter, and Writer Dad. Sean is also frequent contributor to Copyblogger. He claims to be taller than over 98% of the population, but gives no way for me to verify that. David Wright a cartoonist who also writes at Blogger Dad and with Sean make up the Collective Inkwell, is the final part of the Creative Copy Challenge.


Anyway, the game is simple enough. They dream up 10 words. They say they are random, which indeed may be true.

You’re charged to make a story or something fairly coherent using all 10 and post it in their comments.

I discovered them on Creative Copy Challenge #6. You can read my entry there and make your own.

Let us know if you played.

Hmmm… wonder if I can sustain Friday Fun For Freelancers? If you’ve got a suggestion, point me at it.


Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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  • LOL!! I love that you used both rattleshake & rattlesnake. They added the intended rattlesnake after I submitted mine.

    • Anne

      I love the term rattleshake… I posted there I may try to make a pottery one tomorrow…

  • Anne:

    Look out–your title for “short and sweet” is being challenged with Creative Copy Challenge #7–you go, Girl! Win it back!! 🙂

  • That was fun–thanks, Anne. here was mine that I posted:

    I just received my bill for my medical and dental insurance. Surprise, surprise, the premiums went up again. Since my new philosophy for 2010 is to focus on the doughnut and not the hole that life gives us, I left my apartment in search of something better, a little slice of heaven.

    As I strolled along, I wondered what I would find that would bring a smile. Then it struck me. Every other Friday was “buy one, get one free” day at my local bookstore. Today is the “other” Friday! Since my favorite weekend escape is reading a new book, my next step was a no-brainer – get thee to the bookstore!

    Today was definitely looking up. I confidently walked under scaffolding with no fear of bad luck and even had a trucker whistle at me. When was the last time THAT happened? Yes, today is a good day and I have the freedom to make it a really good day. I think I’ll do just that.

  • Anne

    back atcha sean

  • You. Are. Awesome. : )
    .-= Sean Platt´s last blog ..Available Darkness: Chapter 36 =-.

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