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How To Charge For Tweeting – Ask Anne The Pro Writer

Hi Anne,

I know your site addresses freelance writing, but I’m wondering if you have any advice about what to charge for maintaining a company’s Twitter account?

I am a freelance writer and got a blogging job (through your site!). The company now wants me to create and maintain a Twitter account that links to each new post, plus “follow” other related organizations on Twitter, stay aware of their posts, and post links from the company and company blog in response to other accounts when appropriate.

I am eager for more work, but I have no idea how to bill for this. Per tweet seems kind of silly… perhaps I should charge a monthly stipend? If so, what?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Hi VP,

Glad my site has been helpful.

I doubt if there is yet any standard pay for maintaining a twitter account. But what you describe could become quite time consuming.

Oh it’s easy enough to tweet a new blog post, but keeping track of other organizations is one of those squishy things that’s likely to grow over time.

I’d probably go for a monthly fee or stipend as you suggest. Maybe 10 or 20 percent of what you’re getting for the blog?

I’d also insist that whatever price we set was good for only 90 or 120 days which should be long enough to get a real feel for what finding and following the other organizations takes in time and effort. Then I’d want to revisit my fee. That’s the sort of agreement for possible change you need to get up front.

Does anyone else have experience with charging for tweeting? What’s your approach?



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  • I’ve recently come across several Tweeting jobs, and I figured that with a scheduling software you can actually cut the time spent on Tweeting for somebody else by at least a half. But like with writing and hourly fees, everybody needs a different amount of time to complete a task. So the tip to reevaluate the fee after a trial period is a very good idea.
    Jane Rutherford recently posted..Last-Minute WritingMy Profile

  • I understand John Chow gets $1000 to do a sponsored Tweet and Kim Kardashian gets $10,000! It’ll be interesting to see if Twitter becomes inundated with ads, and how much paid Tweeters will earn.
    .-= Deb Ng´s last blog ..Positivity Rocks: Why Having the Right Attitude Will Ensure Freelance Writing Success =-.

    • Anne

      seriously? and how many tweets does Kim do for that?

  • Great information on charging for Tweeting. I was faced with that same situation and was unsure what to charge for set up and maintenance. You can put a lot of time and effort into maintaining social media sites in addition to writing for websites.
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Freelance Writers and Artists Handle Rejection with Grace =-.

  • kahtleen

    Anne — what a great suggestion… the 90-120 day re-evaluate time and fees… suggestion you made. I’m always glad to stop by and learn. Kathleen

  • Although there are some useful search tools, and alerts for keywords and phrases, and even services that can post the tweet for you (like when they make a new blog post), the main input would be time, so I’d charge for this – tot up your time over the course of a week, and set an hourly rate as a starting price.

    Revisiting the fee after 90 days is a great idea 🙂
    .-= Gary´s last blog ..Burning Monk =-.

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