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The State of Publishing 2 – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]The first State of Book Publishing was in December of 2008 and not all the information in that post is dated. Here’s are some blog posts for this year:

  • Jane Friedman Writer’s Digest’s  blogger at There Are No Rules lays out her best guesses for the next decade in What Does Future Hold for Writers? Predictions for 2010-2020. It’s an interesting and hopeful collection of quotes from knowledgeable people.
  • Joe Wikert has also made a series of predictions worth reading, but only for the year.
  • An interesting piece called Opinion: The end of the line for celebs? from the UK has some insightful views – who knows what they really mean, but it’s a fun read.

  • The Past and Future of Pulp Fiction is a post by, I think, Bob Spear. A brief history and a prediction. (Plus a lesson in why you need to make it easy for people to find at least your name on your website.
  • Stephen Guise rants about what he sees as the demise of the book editor in Opinion: Who’d be an editor?


That took me much longer than it did the first time I tried to link to stories about the state of publishing. Of course, I left out the whole newspapers-are-dying story, not because it’s not important, it is. It is also a subject all it’s own.

What I’m taking away from writing this post is that the doomsayers aren’t saying as much as they did a year ago, leading me to believe that publishing, by and large and with considerable change, is doing at least okay.

What do you think?


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