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Freelance Writing – 2009 Retrospective, Sort Of

I’m still having trouble realizing that tomorrow 2009 will be gone. I’m now of an age where days mostly speed by. I almost feel like I don’t even know what happened this year!

Controversy At About Freelance Writing!

One of the things that happened here that may be worth mentioning is the look at so-called content mills. In January I started with a review of three of the best known with Anne To Try Triond, Helium and Associated Content, the first of a series.

Then, in October I posted Low Pay Sites – Another Way of Thinking About Them which was the start of a huge controversy here about Demand Studios and the way they pay their writers. If you’re curious the articles included John Hewitt Defends Demand Studios, Sort OfWhat Is This Demand Studio Controversy Really About? and Demand Studios Offers Health Insurance.

Looking back at that controversy I’m inclined to think of it in two ways:

The first is that more freelance writers are learning that their skills are valuable – hence they are asking, and in many cases getting, higher pay. The other is that the internet has spoiled many writers; they think the only or the best place to look for work is through online job postings. It may be that Job Postings Here Are The Tip Of A Great Big Iceberg! is one of the more important posts I’ve made.

Questions About Freelance Writing

I truly enjoy the questions you send in about freelance writing. You’ll find the published question and answers in the category Ask Anne The Pro Writer.

How Do I Break Into Freelance Writing? Ask Anne the Pro Writer is, of course, a not uncommon question. This one has a bit of a twist, but the basics are mostly the same.

Another question I get often and am happy to answer over and over is Do I Have To Write For Free To Get Started?

I suspect many writers have this question: How Do I Actually Quote A Price?

Anne Muses About Writing

You probably realize by now I love nattering on about writing. That’s what the category, Musings, is all about.

Do You Celebrate When You Finish A Piece Of Writing? is one of those pieces I should re-read once in a while. I also like Freelance Writing – Write Your Own Definition.

I’d forgotten I’d written Of Creativity. There are some good links about creativity there.

Do you have a favorite category or post here? Tell us about it.

If there’s something you’d like to see here, let me know.


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  • I’ve come to expect nothing but the best here, Anne. From your excellent articles to your friendship, you make this a great place for ALL freelancers to come together. Thank you for that. 🙂

    • Anne

      Wiggling with pleasure! Thanks Lori.

  • Love this! As a gal who does freelance on the side – I’ve had to realize that I’m worth it. If I’m going to do something, especially in the evenings that takes me away from my family, I’m going to charge. And so far, so good!
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..My "Booster" Year =-.

  • I like all the different categories in which you post — one of the things that makes the site so valuable. Thank you and Happy New Year!
    .-= Devon Ellington´s last blog ..New Year’s Eve! =-.

    • Anne

      Thanks Devon, I’m delighted you keep coming back.

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