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Relax! It’s Almost Christmas!

If you’re like me, you tend to work either more hours than if you had a regular job or you get more work done in fewer hours. Either way, you’re working hard and deserve a break.

Even if, like so many ’round the planet, you don’t celebrate Christmas, time-out toward the end of the year is an excellent idea.

Here are three blog posts that can help if you let them. (Read them or bookmark them for later; turn off the computer for the day!)

How do you relax?


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  • Ooh, I liked the last one, about funding time off. I saved that article so when I get to the point where I am self-employed I will remember to do that so I don’t feel deprived, or tempted to work so much that I forget to relax.

    For now, if I need to relax there’s always my chat room, or I watch a movie. In the summer it’s fun to go float around in my little pool and watch the clouds. I have a floaty which has a drink holder in the arm, so I can sit out there with a can of Arizona iced tea and dream!

    • Anne

      Yes, that’s what I liked best too.

  • That’s why writing is so much fun and a great tool for attitude and behavorial change! I love the words, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” And, in fact, it’s so true!
    .-= Toni Star´s last blog .. =-.

  • Anne,

    Those are good words! I no longer feel old-fashioned but new fashioned!
    .-= Toni Star´s last blog .. =-.

    • Anne

      That is a nice phrase isn’t it… new fashioned. Sometimes I love stuff that comes out of my fingers!

  • This will probably sound old-fashioned but when I want to relax and get away from writing or events that are stressful, I sit in my comfortable rocking chair, take out my knitting and knit a scarf. While I’m rocking away and knitting, I watch a soap and before I know it, I’m feeling relaxed and comfortable…
    .-= Toni Star´s last blog .. =-.

    • Anne

      Toni, old fashioned in many ways is new fashioned!

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