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5 Articles About Freelance Writing 2 – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]On November 28 2008, the Resource Roundup Tuesday post was 5 Articles About Freelance Writing. I must say I’m impressed with my selection back then.

Here are five six more articles about freelance writing that I know are worth reading:

  1. Good Clients (Like This One) Understand a Good Writer’s Value (and Will Pay…) – there are actually two significant messages in this one; one about marketing and one about the great clients that are out there.
  2. Press Release Writing: How to Sell This Lucrative Service to Clients – Some press release writing tips here too.
  3. Making eBooks “The Next Big Thing” – not exactly writing, but my hunch is we all need to be more aware of what’s happening in ebooks.
  4. All About Writing Contests – a literary agent tells you what you must know.
  5. Writing is communicating. Come out of hiding – Angela Booth always has something helpful to say.
  6. Identifying the Reasons Your Freelance Writing Business isn’t Growing – Hopefully this isn’t you, but if it is this will help – and even if it isn’t you, it’s a great review.

Take a few minutes each day to read one of these – that’s one way to approach the overwhelm of info out there.


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