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Keep An Eye Out For Promo Opportunities

cloud computingI often listen to Leo Laporte, “The Tech Guy.” He’s got a wonderful voice, is reassuring, knows technology and never ever makes anyone feel like their question is stupid or unimportant. Plus, he knows his stuff.

I wanted to ask him if tracking my money in the cloud was safe. The way I understand the definition of the cloud these days is when you use applications that are actually online, and store information for you somewhere out there on the net.

I’ve had some serious problems with Quicken and have been looking for something else.

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits has a post called 6 Great Free Alternatives to Quicken & MS Money. Once of the solutions he suggests that looks good to me is Yodlee. Turns out that Yodlee is now owned by Intuit and Mint, which Leo Laporte uses is owned by Microsoft money, or maybe it’s the other way around. One is basically the other and used for online banking by most banks. In other words it’s as safe as online banking which is probably safe enough as long as everyone understands information can be stolen from anywhere, online or not.

Toward the end of the conversation I asked him if I could promote my blog. I know from listening that he usually welcomes such info and sure enough, he said he loved it and asked a couple of questions.

The program is heard by millions and I may even show up in show notes. I’ve already gotten one email from a fan.

I could have promoted my ghostwriting, but decided the blog would be more interesting to that audience and they can figure out that I ghost pretty easily here.

That’s the point. I carry business cards with my phone, email and urls and distribute them widely. I think to mention my website when it’s appropriate or even almost appropriate, either in person or online. I’ve got an email signature that promotes my blogs and when I join a forum I always set up a sig with at least one url. I twit every time I post something here.

Promotion opportunities are truly all around us. We simply have to take advantage of them.

We’ve got a whole category here on marketing. Take a look.

Got a marketing coup you want to tell us about?


Image by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ivanwalsh/CC BY-NC 2.0

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