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Do You Expect More Or Better Writing Work Next Year?

survey or voteSomeone tweeted (and I’m sincerely sorry I lost track of who in the morning’s flurry) about Lime Exchanges’ post called Freelancing has a Bright Future- Survey Reveals.

According to the article the global recession means more writing and other freelance gigs will be available as companies continue to outsource rather than hire full-time workers.

Lime Exchange is an online job market and deals with all sorts of freelancers, not just writers and editors.

Are you feeling optimistic about your writing business next year? And why?


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  • I do see 2010 as being a better year for me. Though I’ve been freelancing for over a year now, I have learned so much in the last several months about marketing myself and finding the unadvertised writing gigs. The type of work I am doing has changed since summer, and I believe it will continue to change (for the better) throughout 2010.

  • Hi, Bob 🙂

    Firstly, I live in Bulgaria 🙂 As a result, my wife and I are in a unique situation where we can afford to travel to many different places throughout Europe since it’s just out our backdoor. Over the past 2 years we have traveled to Greece 3 times, Italy twice, Turkey twice, Macedonia 3 times, among others. It’s given me a unique door into travel writing, and something I’m planning to pursue on a more full-time basis in 2010.

    Secondly…I’m not selling anything other than content writing on my website. I fail to see how it’s a pyramid scheme or anything remotely resembling. I am simply offering an opinion, one that is different from your own, but a valid one nonetheless.

    I’ve written two SEO projects in my two year career. I hated both of them. I can’t stand writing SEO, and try to avoid it like I avoid catching the plague!

    Feel free to head on over to my website and check out the testimonial page + the bio page to see where my work has been published in the past, where it’s being published now, and to keep up-to-date with our projects in 2010. The above listing was simply an example showing the kind of success my wife and I are having based upon the choices we’ve made and the success I’ve had in my career, but by taking a look you can see that I am, in fact, a qualified, successful writer who is making a very comfortable living doing what I love doing most 🙂

    While you are at it, I highly suggest taking a look at the Smart Passive Income blog. The owner (Pat) is someone I’m drawing a lot of inspiration from. No one is selling anything. It’s simply sharing information to show people how they can be successful as well.

    You may not like infomercials but those guys are always backed by millions of dollars worth of funding, and make more millions from sales.

    The beauty of the 21st century is that you don’t have to have slaved away in a newsroom or been on a staff at a magazine to become a writer. People are willing to pay great money for you to simply write about the things you enjoy, and they exist in all corners of the world 🙂

    Best of luck in your future endeavors!
    .-= T.W. Anderson´s last blog ..Driving a Porsche…from your eHow earnings. =-.

  • 2009 was a blowout year for me. I spent the entire year using math to prove the so-called professional naysayers wrong, and I fully anticipate doing the same next year. I’ve been booked through February since October with projects, and on top of that I have 3 e-books, more short stories, my wife’s crafting site + her products, and a veritable wagon’s load of travel writing to do. We have a ton of trips on the planner already to places like Crete, Montenegro, Croatia, Istanbul, and we are doing at least 4 trips in Bulgaria as soon as the weather warms up to prep for some research.

    In 2010 I will be continuing my success, and continuing my trend of proving professional naysayers wrong with math 🙂 It’s turned into a personal crusade, and I absolutely love every minute of it!

    The only people suffering from a lack of work are people who don’t want to truly succeed. There is SO much money to be made on a global basis, and SO much work to be had that if you are suffering in any way, shape, or form….you just aren’t trying hard enough. Don’t listen to the naysayers who tell you that it can’t be done. They are only holding you back because they are scared of your competition. Get out there and take the world by the horns.
    .-= T.W. Anderson´s last blog ..Driving a Porsche…from your eHow earnings. =-.

    • Bob


      Wow, so I guess all is well in your world. Not sure if I’m one of your professional “naysayers,” though I did use that word in my post, so I’m assuming yes. Your “math” projects are vague at best, and not sure how you can be “booked,” while at the same time doing “wagon-loads” of travel writing. Your post smacks of some kind of pyramid scheme, or at the very least you’ve got yourself hooked on a “get rich quick” high. Do you have real outlets to sell that travel writing to other than some .05¢/word website? Or is it some kind of lame SEO situation? Four trips to Bulgaria sounds just plain bizarre for a “travel writer.” I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.

      But this kind of gets me: “The only people suffering from a lack of work are people who don’t want to truly succeed.” This is the kind of pablum you hear from people on loser, late-night infomercials. At this point I wonders if you’re really even a writer. Surely, you have never labored in a newsroom or been on staff at a magazine. In fact, your get rich “Now!” blog pretty much betrays your true intentions.

  • 2010 will be the first full year I’ve been at this writing thing, and I have a few ideas up my sleeve to get more AND better writing work!

    I need to be a little more proactive with marketing myself, I know that – after all, nobody will hire you if they don’t know you exist, right?

    .-= Lucy Smith´s last blog ..Meeting up in the Big Smoke…or just Auckland =-.

  • Bob

    I’m wondering where all the naysayers are?
    The only way a freelancer can really make a living these days is to specialize. Niche-writing—whether it be for specific trades, sports, or businesses—in which your writing is truly specialized and you are not competing with the hordes of unemployed journalists, is the only way for a freelancer to to make ends meet. Generalists need not apply.
    It’s no secret that there are many talented, recently unemployed writers now competing for less work and less money to do that work. How can anyone be optimistic?

  • I am quite optimistic about next year. Despite the recession, I was able to have a strong year in 2009, and I feel that this will carry into 2010. I have been fortunate to work with several excellent clients over the past few years and I look forward to continuing our relationships together.
    .-= Benjamin Hunting´s last blog ..The Glass Houses Of Automotive Design =-.

  • Star
  • I am highly optimistic, seeing as I earned the most in ’09 that I ever have! In the fourth quarter I really saw nibbles, quality ads, and new client acquisition incrase, and I expect that to continue in ’10, particularly on the copywriting side. I have 3-4 prospects I’m in talks with right now for projects to start in January. My backlog is growing too, after about a year of starting each month at zero and having to book assignments like crazy from there, on Nov. 1 I was booked through the end of the year.

    Many companies are starting to realize they need QUALITY content on their sites as the economy begins to turn, and that they’ll have to pay appropriately to get it. Market your business and get ready to succeed in ’10!

    Carol Tice
    .-= Carol Tice´s last blog ..What to Do About Low-Pay Writing Job Ads =-.

  • Good question Anne – as a freelance book editor and ghostwriter I’ve absolutely noticed an increase in gigs and expect the trend to continue in 2010.
    .-= Laura Cross´s last blog ..Marketing Tips: Essential Components Of Your Media Room =-.

  • Yes, I feel optimistic about my writing for next year. This year’s total was more than last year’s but it can easily go higher. The unemployment will run out in the next couple of months so it’s time to put up or shut up. Otherwise it’s back to temping and I do NOT want to work in an office anymore. 2010 should be an interesting year.
    .-= Jim Lochner´s last blog ..CD Review: A Serious Man =-.

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