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Self-Publisher Goes Mainstream

self-publishing-pressSeveral months ago I wrote an article called Mainstream Author Self-Publishes.

Today I’m going to point you at an article called Et Tu, Indie Author?

In that article confirmed self-publisher April L. Hamilton sums up the reasons she’s in favor of self-publishing including some solid statistics about what happens to most trade-published books.

She then goes on to lucidly explain why she’s working with Writer’s Digest Books on a project.

She concludes as I hope you will, that, when you’re dealing with book publishing, it’s not either or. Like so many things in life, the decision to self-publish or try for a trade publisher, or to work with an agent for that matter, is a classic case of ‘it depends.’

It depends on your book – what its about and how well it’s written. It depends on your ideal reader – is it a big market, a small market or something in between.

It also depends on what you’re willing and able to do in terms of marketing after the book is in print.

Trade publishers will help you market your book, but you’ll need to do a lot of marketing on your own if you want the  maximum number of readers and sales.

Of course, if you self-publish you will have to generate all the marketing; your potential profits per book are also much higher.

Be honest with yourself. Explore as many options as you can and do what works best for you.


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  • Hmmm…I’m not sure why that blog post (Traditional Publishing, Self Publishing, and Vanity Presses…) is showing up as mine, but it was actually authored by S.L. Armstrong.

    Still, it’s an excellent post and very much worth a read.

  • Anne –
    Thanks for the mention, and the links. =’)

    I was anticipating a backlash from the indie/self-pub community when I made the announcement about signing with Writers Digest Books, but everyone to date has been very supportive and really gets it: what’s right for one author or book isn’t always right for another, and the decision of whether or not to self-publish is a decision to be made on a manuscript-by-manuscript basis.

    I’m just glad that authors today have so many options available to them for connecting with a readership.
    .-= April L. Hamilton´s last blog ..Traditional Publishing, Self Publishing, and Vanity Presses: My Take On Things =-.

    • Anne

      April, I’m often surprised at what people get upset about… and what they don’t. Glad you’re getting the support you deserve!

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