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108 Things This Writer Is Grateful For

flower-for-writersSeveral years ago one of the spiritual teachers I’ve been blessed with, Rev. Guy Williams, challenged a class I was in to daily list 100 things we were grateful for. We all gasped!. Each one of us was familiar with Oprah or someone else suggesting writing out three things or five things we were grateful for, but 100?

The next morning I struggled but managed to list 100 things. I was amazed. It actually only took about 20 or 30 minutes and during that day I kept finding other things I was grateful for.

I did it again the next day. Sure there was quite a bit of duplication, but there were new things as well.

After awhile I switched to just saying what I was grateful for rather than writing them down, but I kept losing track. Finally I realized I had a set of mala beads – roughly the Buddhist rosary. Mine has 108 beads and I found I could count off my gratitude list that way, one bead at a time.

The practice of 108 has worked so well for me over the years I want to share it with you and challenge you to list 108 things you’re grateful for.

It’s really wonderful what happens to my attitude when I do this practice.

  1. Sunshine
  2. MzTiz, my tabby cat
  3. The remembrance ceremony on Alcatrez Island by Native Americans on behalf of Mother Earth and Social Justice
  4. KPFA.org, part of Pacifica Radio, that broadcasts things like the ceremony on Alcatraz and Democracy Now.
  5. The internet, no matter who invented it.
  6. My broadband connection.
  7. Electricity that comes right to my home to do so many things.
  8. The natural gas which also comes right to my home for cooking and heating.
  9. Wooden floors.
  10. Energy efficient windows – I had no idea how well they worked.
  11. Running water, again right to my house even though I live in a mostly desert.
  12. Hot water – one of the world’s best inventions imo.
  13. My computer.
  14. My ability to write
  15. My ability to write for a living as a freelancer
  16. Various 12 step programs
  17. Learning to meditate.
  18. Meditating almost every day.
  19. That I can read.
  20. Libraries.
  21. Books.
  22. Paper.
  23. Printing.
  24. Book binding.
  25. Email
  26. The web.
  27. Web editors.
  28. Blogging software.
  29. Readers of my blog
  30. Greer
  31. Gary
  32. Cait
  33. Linda
  34. Mike
  35. Steve
  36. Gloria
  37. Stacey
  38. Chris
  39. Chris S.
  40. Cole
  41. Valerie
  42. Emily
  43. Ben
  44. My mom
  45. My dad
  46. Gail
  47. The rugs I bought from Craigslist – love all three of em.
  48. M;y small corner desk.
  49. The study of Buddhism I’m involved in.
  50. Atasha
  51. Deshe
  52. Tom
  53. Keven
  54. Dr. K.
  55. My other doctor with her unpronounceable name.
  56. The vets who take such good care of MzTiz.
  57. The artichoke plant in my yard that is so generous.
  58. The rosemary that thanks me with fragrance every time I water it.
  59. The ants that are teaching me impeccable housekeeping.
  60. The clothes line that I use.
  61. That the air here is clean enough to use a clothes line.
  62. Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night.
  63. Living Compassion
  64. My car
  65. The fact my car is paid for
  66. The garage
  67. The washer and dryer
  68. The stove
  69. The refrigerator.
  70. The composter that was here when I got here.
  71. The roses outside my office window.
  72. The bush/tree with pansy-like purple flowers.
  73. The ocean – a short drive away.
  74. Kayaking
  75. My mastermind group
  76. Vajrarupini Buddhist Center
  77. Sweetwater Zen Center
  78. Gasoline
  79. Car repair folks
  80. Trader Joes
  81. Henry’s
  82. Vons
  83. North Park Farmers Market
  84. North Park – my neighborhood
  85. Mission Bay
  86. Amtrak
  87. The streets, alleys, freeways and other infrastructure that serves me so well.
  88. My clients
  89. My gym
  90. NPR
  91. Office supply stores
  92. Amazon
  93. My computer guy
  94. BN.com
  95. Craigslist
  96. Peets Coffee
  97. My printer
  98. My telephone
  99. My books
  100. My book cases
  101. Flushing toilets
  102. The irrigation system on the property I live on.
  103. Quiet neighbors
  104. The police
  105. The fire department
  106. The local hospitals
  107. Medicare
  108. Recyling

There you go. Took about 45 minutes, mostly because of the links I added.

Have a great holiday full of gratitude wherever you are.


Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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