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8 Sample Market Searches For Freelance Writing Jobs

markets for writersIn an article I called How I’d Search for a Freelance Writing Job I gave some hints about the kinds of searches I’d run on the ‘net if I were actually looking for a freelance writing job.

Here are some searches I ran as an experiment. I think I might have spent as much as 15 minutes at this. Of course, I did no writing down or printing of possible leads, which I’d do if I were actually searching for a writing gig.

  • guidelines for magazines about money – if I wanted to write about money I’d put together queries for some of these magazines. You can find other topics the same way.
  • ghostwriting agenciesI’ve worked for ghostwriting agencies and it doesn’t really pay well, but it can build some credits.
  • ghostwriting agencies in san diego – not sure how productive this one is. But adding your locality to any search might be productive.
  • book packagers – book packagers put together books and market them to agents and/or publishers. They sometimes hire writers. It’s worth asking if you’ve got the credits or a great idea.
  • copywriting in san diego – here I’d be calling asking for overflow work. Obviously search in your area.
  • san diego companies – generally lists of companies, any one of which may need you as a writer. But you have to ask. You could use this search as a basis for doing a bit of cold calling to market your services.
  • green book publishers – some of these listings offer guidelines.

Do you see how easy it is to actually locate potential markets? Locating them is, of course, just the first step. You’ve got to develop a plan to contact them to offer your services. Phone often works best.

Give it a try and let us know how it works.


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